0.7: Baine Bloodhoof Questline Preview – Highlights & Details

0.7: Baine Bloodhoof Questline Preview – Highlights & Details

Pursuit Highlights

Patch 10.0.7 adds a new quest line involving Maine Blood hoof. In the following blog post, we take a look at it in more detail.

Material developer as well as banner BRGM developed a video concerning the quest line that you can watch below.

  • The quest chain starts in Valdrakken, where Maya High mountain is bothered with Maine who went to On’ah ran Plains to look for missing good friends, a Lauren tribe that worships On’aura.
  • Maine encounters participants of the Marduk Centaur, however he’s very cautious and does not trust them.
  • One of the participants aids Maine look for his lost pal Jovan. However, his pal got eliminated by members of the Noshed clan.
  • Maine goes crazy and also kills participants of the Noshed Centaur clan accountable for his close friend’s fatality.


  • Both the Marduk Centaur and the Lauren endure casualties during the quest line. They collaborate to honor the fallen and also melt their bodies.
  • I believe the quest line brought the Marduk Centaur and also the Lauren clan better together. Maybe they recognized they had much more alike than simply venerating On’aura.

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