BIGEM Project: Team Olympos Is Reborn As A Developer On An Epic Adventure Of Sky Island

BIGEM Project: Team Olympos Is Reborn As A Developer On An Epic Adventure Of Sky Island

The BIC Organizing Committee and Pearl Abyss supported four of the works selected for the BIG EM project from February 2 to 5 at the Taipei Nan River Exhibition Center.
BIG EM is a project that selects indie games that have achieved certain results by the BIC Organizing Committee and supports the global promotion of the work with Pearl Abyss.
Team Olympus’ action adventure ‘Sky Island’, which was selected as a BIC 2022 rookie category and started from the graduation of Chongqing Culture University, was selected as one of them.

‘Sky Island’ is a work where three children left in the world where humanity are gone.
In order to graduate, team members explained that it was frustrating to see only the floor in the process of producing a quarter view game.
In order to solve this problem, the idea was to make a hole in the floor and express the sky.

▲ It was a project that started as a task
▲ Since then, it has continued to develop and developed
As it depicts a strong crab with no human, it is the characteristic of ‘Sky Island’ that has worked hard to express the expression of natural objects.
The goal is to give users the feeling of exploring the stage of the sky island by referring to the composition of Quarter View games such as Lost Arc and Zelda’s Legend Dreaming Island and the atmosphere of Zelda’s legendary Breath of the Wild.


It was.
In particular, in the Breath of the Wild, the structure of the field and various gimmicks wanted to provide the impression that they explored the space while feeling the adventure of organic entangled.

As it was a game that started as a graduation work, this Taipei Game Show was the first opportunity to face foreign gamers for the first time in ‘Sky Island’ and Team Olympus.
I didn’t think about localizing as much as I prepared for the launch with Steam.
I was more interested in localization to show a better appearance as I had to compete in the overseas game show, but there was a regret that it was a bit unfortunate.

At first, when I started development, I proceeded as a project for graduation, so I didn’t expect the users to respond so much. Naturally, all work was carried out in line with our development.
I was surprised because I liked it. And while talking with users, I realized the importance of communication.
It seems to be a step forward in earnest. It is not a problem of selling and selling a game. How can I enjoy other people’s fun beyond just preparing to show what tasks, and I can inform not only in Korea but also to overseas users.
I started to worry a lot. Based on the experience of ‘Sky Island’, I will devote myself to become developers who can make more advanced games.

In the future, he said, We are preparing for the release in earnest while preparing for the Taipei Game Show. We will release it for free on Steam.

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