Geni Soft: Interview With The Realistic Game Company Promoting Local Win-Win Solutions After The Corona 19 Trend

Geni Soft: Interview With The Realistic Game Company Promoting Local Win-Win Solutions After The Corona 19 Trend

After the Corona 19 trend, the Taipei Game Show launched the B2B exhibition in three years.
It was operated from February 2 to 3, and various indie and startups from Korea and abroad, as well as Taiwan, participated in search of partners.
NC soft and the Korea Game Industry Association operated ‘Startup with NC K-GAMES Joint Hall’ and selected five companies through judging.

While looking around, there was a place where the keyword ‘local win-win’ stood out.
The main character was ‘Venison’, a realistic content production startup in Kwangju.
How did you focus on the keywords and develop various contents from Kim Doyen, CEO of Genie Soft, who starts with mobile games and sees the possibility of realistic content and is developing various VR games and local festivals.
I was able to listen to the process.

Q. Please introduce.

= Kim Doyen of Gene Soft, who focuses on realistic content in Kwangju Metropolitan City.

OSIsoft has been established as a corporation since 2019 and is a young venture company with about 40 people.
Starting with his first work, Dancing Arrow, he has released three works, and is currently developing a new ‘Top Gun’.
All are VR/AR games.

Q. In a short time, I made several new works in the field of VR/AR and exhibited at overseas game shows. When did you get interested in VR/AR?

The business itself started in 2015.
It was when VR was not known much, and the VR specialized industry was carried out in Kwangju.
We were developing a platform linked to art tests rather than games at that time.
Then, the introduction of VR devices such as HTC FIVE is becoming more active in Korea, and I think that content is not supported so much that I will distribute the content.

In the game sector, it was originally the main focus of indie and mobile game.
Then he turned to VR/AR.
Since then, it has been combined with two other game companies in Kwangju Metropolitan City, and has been accelerating the development of VR/AR and realistic games.
The first work was ‘Dancing Arrow’, a rhythm game centered on K-pop.


Q. It is said that four works have participated in the Taipei Game Show. What kind of games are the rest?

One is the VR game in the Jose on Dynasty, ‘Chosen Zombie Defense’.
The idea itself came out before Kingdom, but ‘Kingdom’ itself is a well-made work and is not a famous work.
If you are not affected, it’s a lie.
We are preparing for global launch this year.

Blade of Island is an AR game that combines tourism and blockchain.
In other words, it is a type of GPS-based game of Pokémon GO, and it is a type of game that kills monsters in various spots around the tourist destination to get rewards or solve stories related to it.
It was released in December last year.

The last ‘Top Gun’ is a game that combines screen shooting with VR and haptic technology.
It is a game that is developing a partnership with ‘BIA Haptics’, which is developing a haptic suit, but if you hit a gun, you don’t just show your health on the screen, but it’s like a realistic content.

Q. Chosen Zombie Defense has a strong image of ‘Kingdom’. What did you focus on to differentiate him?

In fact, by the time I envisioned Chosen Zombie Defense, the sky was blocked by Corona 19.
I thought it was VR to solve the cramps while sightseeing was constrained, and I envisioned in many ways.
Then I was convinced that VR games would be good in many ways as I watched the OUT platform.
Even when the game began to enter the OUT platform, the accessibility did not increase.
In addition, I wondered if it would be a response if I went into the drama with VR and made a form that seems to be experienced.

As mentioned earlier, ‘Kingdom’ is a well-made drama, so it is often mentioned and the comparison will not be avoided.
Is it a form of a zombie that suits each region, or enjoying tourism and games by keeping people from zombie raids in the background of the spots of each region?
It is a familiar space for Korean users, but it is expected to give a different experience and provide foreigners with a unique tourism experience in Korea.

Q. Is it a field that VR/AR was greatly influenced by Corona 19?
How have you overcome that situation?

It is true that the offline market has actually been stagnant.
Nevertheless, the spread of VR devices at home is steadily becoming, and there was no problem with the global service itself.
Starting this year, revenue sales will rise as Core Nāga is relaxed.
Anyway, because of Corona 19, I haven’t visited a lot of overseas game shows, especially the Taipei Game Show.

Q. The VR rhythm game is already a game where the strongest is already in the ‘Bit Saver’.

The first is to use K-Pop license to appeal to users who like K-Pop.
And Bit Saver focused on the ‘cut’ that’s a ‘cut’ note, and we noted it as ‘dance’.
If you hit the flying note, you can dance accordingly.
In this way, I wanted to use the feeling of dancing to the music and to improve the immersion of music.

Q. In the process of referring to the two works of Chosen Zombie Defense or Blade of Island, the keyword ‘tourism’ has been shown several times.
What is the reason for noted in that sector?

= In some ways, this real life and content linkage is a meta bus.
Now it’s not just to just look at it, but not pay attention to ‘experience’.
And I thought that the best form to provide is realistic content, VR/AR.
It’s what we can do best.
Combining it with various local festivals seemed to be synergy.

Therefore, it has been consulted with various local governments, including the Kwangju Changing Festival, and exhibited realistic content related to local festivals.
Furthermore, it was developed and developed ‘Blade of Island’, which is linked to the real economy as an activity point in conjunction with the blockchain.
I didn’t just go around the sightseeing spot, but I thought it would be more synergy if I collected the monsters and collected the points I got and bought something like coffee.

Q. But if you work with the blockchain like that, can’t you service in Korea?

So this feature is developing overseas.
In Korea, it is difficult to combine 100%, but we want to develop it in such a direction where we can buy coffee by collecting activities from our cafés or affiliated companies.

Or in consultation with local governments, we explored other ways to link games and actual rewards, such as using Blade of Island at local festivals to hold various events such as stamp tour events.

Q. I didn’t think I would personally interview the word ‘local win-win’ with the game company.
In fact, such an attempt in the game was rare.
Do you have a lot of attention in the field?

= In fact, we also focused on the game.
However, while working with local governments, I came to think about win-win.
When you have a local festival, you should have something to do.
It’s a composition that comes to the festival and finds something to do.
We thought that we could provide it, and the local governments were contacted.
At the same time, he continues to think about the topic.

Q experience or sightseeing can end at once, but ‘game’ is not.
What are you thinking about to maintain sustainability?

In the case of Blade of Island, it works with a stamp tour when a festival is held in the region.
Dungeons are created in a specific spot, and people’s databases accumulate as they participate in the dungeon.
From here, you can go one step further and move to another place through the event push.
And if the response is good here, it is expected that the local government will plan various festivals and events based on this, and that our event will be carried out and coexist with each other.
In addition, global services also combine NFT and blockchain, but they are not supported in Korea, so they focus on linking with local festivals.

Q. What if you are going to be a game company?

= First, we will meet with various publishers and users abroad at the Taipei Game Show and spread the game we made.
This time, I came with the help of NC soft and the Korea Game Industry Association.
And I want to meet a good partner like NC soft.

Our goal is not only to inform the region-based content, but also to become a company that is widely known for its itself.
We are in Kwangju Metropolitan City, and if we listen to our whole country and global like NC soft, we hope to be a company that can be known.

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