Roblox Pixel Piece: A Guide To The Best Weapons And Stats To Defeat Enemies And Bosses

Roblox Pixel Piece: A Guide To The Best Weapons And Stats To Defeat Enemies And Bosses

Pixel Piece has many enemies and bosses that you need to fight around the world, which means that you need to arm yourself with powerful weapons and abilities to effectively destroy them.
Some weapons can be obtained only by defeating certain bosses, which means that you may have to make your way up.
We have compiled a list of levels to help you understand which weapons are best used and what it can do for you in battle.

List of level of the best weapons Pixel Piece

This is our list of weapons levels, which is currently located in the Pixel Piece, from S-Ural to C-Ural, depending on their rarity, damage and abilities:

mythical yoga

This mythical blade can be obtained only by participating in PVP and taking place in the top three.
This means that the sword is an exclusive weapon and should apply much damage, as well as have some special abilities, so it holds our first place in the ranking.
The abilities have not yet been added to the game, but follow the updates.
How to get: to be in the top three in the Your PVP leaders table by the end of the week.
Rare: mythical
Abilities: unknown

Cutlass Charlie

Cutlass Charlie is another mythical weapon in Pixel Piece.
The abilities are not yet available for use, but they are at the same level as the You blade, when it comes to damage, and Grunts long-range when battle with enemies, which allows you to attack with less risk to get a response.
Although it seems that the boss drops it, it can be obtained only by defeating clowns-mops in the orange-town.
How to get: defeat clowns-mops in the orange-town.
Rare: mythical
Abilities: unknown

Euro Yogi

Euro’s claws are an epic double weapon with long thin blades that stretch out of your character’s fists.
The abilities are not yet available, but the reach and speed of this weapon speaks for themselves, and this is what corresponds to a higher level than the hand with an ax.
You can get it by defeating the boss Euro Pirate.
How to get: defeat Euro pirate
Rare: Epic
Abilities: unknown

ax hand

The hand with an ax is called in the same way;
It replaces your hand with a sharp deadly ax.
This ax can be obtained by defeating the organ boss, and it has two different powerful abilities.
With a quick rotation, the ax is able to damage several enemies in its path, as well as crash into the ground and for a short time to throw enemies into the air.
How to get: defeat the Organ
Rare: Rare
Abilities: an ax of rotation, an ax of a twist

Atlas Kara

Cutlass Kara is a sword with a large radius of action and a special ability to cut off opponents, stunning them for several minutes.
Although his ability, of course, can be useful to keep your enemies in fear with his radius of action, he still has only one ability compared to the ax, and therefore he is one step lower in levels.
How to get: win Kanji
Rare: Rare
Abilities: cutting

Shark Sword probably has one of the longest radii of action among all swords in this experience, allowing you to strike your enemies, without risking too many incoming attacks.

Although it can be used with the style of Phoenix, it has no other special abilities, so it decreases in the list of levels.
How to get: Buy for 500 white in Shark Park or defeat Darling pirates.
Rare: rarely
Abilities: can be used with a phoenix style.


Like a sword of shark, this Katina can offer nothing but its range of action and interaction with the style of Phoenix.
It is a little cheaper than Shark Sword, but it also means that this is a step-down when it comes to damage.
Nevertheless, this is still a step forward compared to the classic Katina.
How to get: you can buy for 400 white in Shells-town.
Rare: rarely
Abilities: can be used with a phoenix style.

Classic Saber

A classic boarding saber is one of the first types of weapons that allows you to purchase it quite early due to its low price.


He has a curved blade, not as long as that of Katina, but still providing some radius of action.
In addition to a slightly higher damage than that of a classic Katina, this sword cannot offer anything special.
How to get: you can buy for 150 white in Shells-town.
Rare: General
Abilities: can be used with a phoenix style.

Classic Katina

The classic Katina is the simplest weapon that you can get in the game, and the earliest option for beginner players.
He inflicts basic damage, although it can be combined with the style of Phoenix.
In addition to the range of Katina, it is the least useful in battle.

  • How to get: you can buy for 50 white on the island of Pixel Pis.
  • Rare: General
  • Abilities: can be used with a phoenix style.
    Some of this weapon can take some time to get, with a certain chance of falling out or the cost of white.
    They may require some pharma, or you can try to use some Pixel Piece codes that will help you make additional products faster.
    Keep in mind that some of these types of weapons are still under development, so their abilities are not yet available.

We will update this page accordingly when we learn more information or when a new weapon is added.
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