New World: A Guide To Damage Types, Weaknesses And Strengths

New World: A Guide To Damage Types, Weaknesses And Strengths

In New World there are various kinds of damage such as stab, cutting or fire damage.
In the EVE, different monster types have vulnerability to these types of damage.
If you desire to prepare yourself completely for a dungeon or have it more quickly versus an employer, you need to understand these strengths and weaknesses.
What are the damage types?
New World provides 3 various kinds of physical damage and 6 various kinds of elementary damage:
Cut damage (sword, battle-ax, hatchet, large sword).

  • Harper damage (rapier, spear, musket, sheet, thunder bell, in some cases’ sword).
  • Hair damage (hammer).
  • Fire damage (fire rod).
  • Failure (ice cream pipes).
  • Natural damage (life rod).
  • Flash damage.
  • Arcane damage.
  • Health problem damage (naughty students).
    Can you have primary damage to all weapons?
    Yes, that’s why some types can not be appointed to a particular weapon.
    You can transform your weapon damage in fire damage or arcane damage by means of the base system and the various jewels.
    Update February 1, 2023: New World has now removed the resistance from the game.
    Enemies now just get additional damage.

The different types of damage are so reliable.

What are the beast types?
Various types of opponents are waiting on you in New World.
These consist of, for instance, the spoiled, the big natural animals of the Angry Earth or typical animals, called beasts here.
Each of these monster types has particular weaknesses, which affects the damage triggered.
In a table you can take a look at the respective advantages:.
You can scroll the table horizontally.
In which dungeon do you satisfy which monster?
Adrian excavation-especially lost and ancestry.
The destroyed Obelisk-especially ancestry.
The depths-especially ruined.
Ship worth of the dynasty-especially ruined.


  • Lazarus instrumentation-especially origins.
  • Garden of origin-especially Angry Earth.
  • Heart of the storms-especially ruined.
  • Sea pox and black powder-especially lost.
  • The Enneade-especially origins or ruined.
    Will you adapt your kind of damage to the opponents outdoors world and in dungeons?
    Or do you do without the reward and choose to play how you want?
    Do not hesitate to compose it here on Mango in the remarks.
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