League of Legends Season 13: The Most Unexpected Choices – From Caitlyn Support To South Korean Keria Using Pilto

League of Legends Season 13: The Most Unexpected Choices – From Caitlyn Support To South Korean Keria Using Pilto

In League of Legends there is always a definite goal, that is, a consensus of champions and strategies considered ideal and/or stronger than the others.
In the professional competitive scenario the goal is even more relevant and usually has specific particularities that only work between the elite.
Teams have analysts to help them understand this goal, find best practices, and develop specific tactics to maximize chances of victory.
Among the various factors that make up all this planning, the choice of champions is critical.
Earlier this season 13 of LOL, especially with the kicking of the competitive leagues, we are witnessing some choices of champions considered at least unusual by some pro players.
At LCK, South Korea League, the player Beria played with Caitlyn in the support position and character is a traditional shooter ever seen, until then, like Carry.
It is the first time in the history of the MOB’s elite competitive that Plover’s sheriff is used in this way \ LA’s Gastrins, Latin League, did the same in 2021.
But this choice is far from being the only one among the unusual so far in the competitive.
The year has just started, and we have already been awarded a lot of picks outside the box that at first make us question the sanity of professional players, but by calmly analyzing, we understand the reason behind the choice.
Check out other different champions that come to appear -and may you find in your solo.

Rumble Mid, in honor of Super Carry Doing

Rumble Mid historically is not a choice that arises out of nowhere… In the history of the competitive of LOL there are no less than 328 occurrences of the Wordle Mud on the middle route.
The most Chinese of Koreans, Doing played 23 times with the champion in this Lane during his career… We particularly remember to have seen him during Worlds 2019, a tournament he was champion.
But the choice has not been so popular since then and by 2023 only one player dared to experiment with the Stage: Australian Doggy in the Oceania League (LCD).
Its boldness was rewarded with a victory and a perfect DA (5/0/5).

Arthur in the jungle, a specific pick

Arthur was, in essence, a wizard of the middle route, but throughout the seasons he was taking on other forms, whether on the lower route or in the jungle.
We always find the pick a little weird, because the champion is very fragile… Not to mention his weaknesses at the beginning of the game and 1v1.
Also, playing with it requires adopting a very particular style of play: practically being asking to gather enough resources and impact the game.
But if today the Arthur jungle is no longer in the goal, some jungles still like to get it out of the sleeve.
It is usually a particular choice: surprise or last feature, when you need to make 1v9.
This year, only one player has tried the feat so far: Jaunutis1 at Ultralight (Poland).
His game was very convincing with a victory and a 6/5/11 DA.
He ended with the greatest damage to the game with over 38 thousand.


If you are a relatively recent LOL player, you were probably not present for Middle’s golden times on the top route.
This choice was tremendously popular and strong-in-the-seasons, with the particularity of inging a built of physical damage, aimed at mastering your opponent on the route and applying so much pressure to the top that your team could do whatever you wanted in the rest of the
But after countless nerfs and changes, this pick disappeared, after all, the champion became a hunter in the jungle.
The last time there was a competitive Middle was in 2015, with Sunday using her-not to be confused with The shy.
As an irony of fate, it was The shy who ought Middle ad top back in a LPL game.
Unfortunately the strategy was not so effective, ending in defeat for Top Esports with a shy score of 1/4/1.
It is worth noting that Build now uses the Divine Raptor, the closest thing that would have a similar effect to the height of the champion on the top route.


Air is definitely a champion who is hard to imagine in any position other than the middle route.
But 100 thieves thought differently and ought Shrimp emperor as a support on the lower route during the first week of the LC’s, the US League of LOL.
The choice has its foundation and actually shares a lot of the concept behind Caitlyn and even Join as a support.
The idea is to have a route pressure against Harbinger Support, an increasingly present pick in the competitive.

It is a fact that 100 thieves ended up losing the match against Cloud9 and Air’s pick seemed to have had no effect, but it is nonetheless interesting and deserving the quote.
The choice of the champion even made the opponent choose Counter champions… for the middle route, which allowed a draft play that would have been genius if it had worked.
It is worth the future attempt with a better execution of the plan, for sure.

Honorable mentions

Several other different choices have been thrown in the competitive so far, but have been more original than frankly bizarre.
Lyra support by Twist in LFL (defeat).
The champion was played only three times over 2022 and four times in 2021, despite being relatively common in solo lines.
Zac Mid by Caps at LEC (Vitória).
The champion was played in this position twice in 2022, both times by Vietnamese Foggy, including once in the World Cup.


  • Oran Mid by Manila at Prime League (Vitória).
    The choice is not natural, but still occurred 25 times last year!
    With a positive victory rate bonus.

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