A Day In The Life Of A WoW Mythic Dungeon Soloer

A Day In The Life Of A WoW Mythic Dungeon Soloer

For those that have tried their hand at soloing a Mythic Dungeon in World of Warcraft, you know just how challenging it can be. But have you ever tried to do it as a damage dealer – one that is not even equipped with the best gear? Find out what it’s like to take on a Mythic Dungeon as a worse-equipped damage dealer in this article!

In WoW, sacred trinity of tanks, healers and damage suppliers has been in effect in WoW for almost 20 years.
This guideline is often broken up by balancing.
Healers trigger as much damage as DPS tanks and classes no longer require recovery.
The latter was the case again at the beginning of the WoW: Dragon Flight and ought to be removed from the world by a nerf of survival.
The holy trinity can be kept even further unreasonable.
How about, for instance, with a damage supplier who even legendary managers, and at the exact same time keeps alive, does he harm like a DPS class?
For the majority of us, barely you can possibly imagine and even possible, for Rex troy, who keeps standing out with curious actions, but very little more than a regular difficulty.

Which naturally he did with a little puzzle and hoax.

bad devices, mythical ruby basin, solo = simple win

Well, it wasn’t that easy and even Rex troy needed to invest a great deal of time to deal with a legendary dungeon solidarity as an unholy death knight with 345 devices.
He did it, however, how you can see even more in the video listed below.
He mainly kept alive with the death blow, which is actually used by blood death knights when refueling.
With pointers of up to 47,000 HPS, Rex troy was able to heal both bosses and garbage.


If they reached it, this is a worth in which many healers would be pleased.
Even blood death knights can not heal far more.
Rex troy needed to deceive around a little.
Since the 2nd boss was hardly possible.
Less due to the fact that of the incoming damage, but far more because the Includes Solo could hardly be managed prior to the next came.
There were a few bugs/exploits that Rex troy might utilize.
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How have your Dungeon goes to have been running so far?
Did you likewise have the impression that tanks are a little too strong and required a nerf?
Or did you even satisfy damage distributors like Rex troy, who have finished whole manager battles alone, while the rest of the group was currently dead on the flooring?
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