Witcher 3: What Kind Of Sunglasses Does Geralt Wear?

Witcher 3: What Kind Of Sunglasses Does Geralt Wear?

Hearts of Stone has added many chances and ends at The Witcher 3 to live the world and Gerald’s inventory.

Some things are common and available so that anyone acquires them if it considers it convenient, but others require a more distinguished eye and the will to do whatever is necessary to acquire what you want.
One of those elements that require one to be distinguished are the teacher’s glasses.

Get glasses for Gerald at The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone

The Gerald glasses, also known as teacher’s glasses, are a couple of glasses with golden mount that once belonged to the teacher, a notorious killer.
You will find these glasses in the Borodin auction house in Erfurt during the main melting mission of Stone, Open Sesame.
After meeting Vivaldi’s friends and talking a bit with them, you can participate in an auction that has three lots.
The first is a mysterious bronze statue, the second a cheap painting and the third is the object you are looking for.
There are some people who want this article, including Hilbert, the rich Went player who turns out to be a bad loser.

Fortunately, they will not be overcome if you decide to throw your hat into the race.
For 350 crowns, those beautiful glasses can be yours (don’t be TACAN, you know you love them).
The glasses do not affect Gerald’s statistics at all, but you can still put them by placing the teacher’s glasses in one of the pockets of your inventory.
Now you can kill bandits and style monsters.
Man, it feels good to look good!

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