Blue Protocol Stream Previews Features, Season Pass and Potential Monetization

Blue Protocol Stream Previews Features, Season Pass and Potential Monetization

As the Blue Protocol Alpha starts up, we got a glimpse into a Japanese live stream preview. The stream went over major features, such as customization and zones, that might be in the game for release. Additionally, they also talked about potential monetization options down the line considering it’s an MMO.


A livestream covering Blue Procedure completed new information about some of what we may anticipate from the video game. Let the speculation start on what the Western release may look like after this Japanese-specific stream preview.

The group stated that monetization will include a season pass (complimentary and paid) and a store. The shop will include cosmetics, installs, and have other stuff like accessories and other items. For those worried over geisha elements, it is necessary that this is all about the Japanese release, and we may see some modifications for the international launch, especially with Amazon on board. it’s possible that we can see something like the Lost Ark release here.

From the equated notes, the group has actually gotten more than 50,000 applications for the Japan Network test, and they have actually currently held some debugging tests and small-group screening with 200 individuals prior to the stream.

To discover out much more and see the previews in action, view the English subtitled stream above. Learn more about the game at Blue Procedure.

We may expect to see fishing, swimming, camping, as well as development on all of these, and it seems that fishing will be an ongoing function. For the Japanese server it looks to be one enormous shared server with population caps in specific areas and little to no loading in zones. It remains to be seen whether this will move to the final video game or if this is simply for now, but for now, count this only for Japan.

The Banzai NAMC stream was wrapped up and also subtitled into English, so a few of the details that the team gone over might not reach the international version of the game that Amazon Game Studios is set to publish or to other regions. Still, with more info lastly coming out about the approaching, it deserves taking note of see how things establish between now and the ultimate late 2023 Western release.

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