How the Banner Search banner and pity system works in Neural Cloud

How the Banner Search banner and pity system works in Neural Cloud

The dizzying world of Magi is in danger, since saints exist to get rid of the existence of dolls, which are characters that you can cause using a system called neural search.
This acts as a Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud call, where you can get waifs, courage and the like using free and premium currency.
There are different banners from which you can pull out dolls, and everyone has a unique system that is useful to know to help you plan their future call.

How does the base search work in Neural Cloud work

The basic search is a permanent banner, which uses an easily accessible currency, called the main search team.


Many objects fall out of it, including dolls and consumables.
However, the availability of dolls depends on the level of your search terminal in the oasis.
This banner has no pity or guarantees.

How an extended search in Neural Cloud works

An advanced search is a permanent banner where you can call 2-star and 3-star dolls.
Each search costs X1 search team or x150 quartz sand-core are free currencies that can be obtained in the game rarely.

In this banner you are guaranteed:
2-star doll or higher every 10 searches
3-star doll in the range of 60 search queries
The pity counter is discarded, even if you get a 3-star doll up to 60 attempts.
For example, if you get 3 stars for 25 attempts, you are guaranteed 3 stars will need 60 times, and not 35. Since there is no specific character on this banner, there are no unforeseen circumstances that will help you get the doll you really want.
The dolls from banners of the target search ultimately fall into the banner of the expanded search.

How the target search in Neural Cloud works

The target search is a banner limited in time with a 3-star doll.
You can search with the help of an extended search X1, quartz sand X150 or quartz X150.
You can also complete one target search with a X50 Quartz discount per day.
This type of banner works only about 20 days before switching to the chosen dolls, but this is the best way to get the character you really like.
During this period, you can try to get the chosen character according to the rating and guaranteed to receive it after several attempts:
2-star doll or higher every 10 searches
Random 3-star doll in 60 search queries
Selected 3-star doll after 180 searches (through manual repayment)
As in an extended search, a pity counter for banners of the target search is also reset, even if you get a 3-star doll in less than 60 attempts.
You are not guaranteed the chosen character when increasing the rating in 60 times pity.
However, each search attempt will give you X1 a discrete signal.
Discrete signals are unique for each doll, if two banners of the target search are launched, your discrete signals collected will not overlap between them.
Collect discrete signals X180 redeem the character depicted before the end of the banner period.
As soon as the banner ends, discrete signals are converted into discrete points in a ratio of 1: 1.
They can be used to make purchases in the center of exchange of points in the consumable store.

Does Neural Cloud have a limited number of banners?

Neural Cloud has a limited banner system called Special Search.
However, nothing has been announced for the global server, so the banner system is not currently determined for it.
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