Where to find flying drones in Fortnite

Where to find flying drones in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 finally here, with a completely new map with unique points of interest, new weapons and many others that players will like.
Flying drone or drone with prey is one of the new elements that you will encounter in the game, and they contain a very rare weapon.
Naturally, players are not tolerated to find out how to get weapons from these flying drones.
Here’s how to find and use flying drones in Fortnite, chapter 4, season 1.

How to get a loot from flying drones in Fortnite

Flying drones are a new addition to Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, and they can be found at different points of interest in the game.

When falling out in the match, the players will notice that certain areas are marked with the gold text on the map.
These areas are known as hot spots, they are filled with flying drones carrying high-level weapons.
Players can visit these areas during the match to collect weapons, knocking down flying drones.
The developers showed fans how these flying drones work in an official trailer.
The image above shows how Ageless collects weapons from one of the flying drones.
Exploring the Poi Hot Spot, you will face several flying drones.
It is perfect to land in one of these places and quickly find a weapon of a higher rarity.
Players may expect opponents to follow the same strategy, so be prepared for battle after landing.
According to the expert of the @hypex community, the flying drones will appear at three different points of interest at the same time, and in each region there will be at least five to six drones.
In addition to flying drones, players will also see various new elements that will appear in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. For example, a new system of improving reality will give players two random bonuses or strengthening, which will allow them to get an advantage of opponents.


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