I am Jesus Christ Prologue

I am Jesus Christ Prologue

Note: If Jesus can be seen once again, we will obviously also make a video. Take a look at our YouTube channel or this post later on so as not to miss out on it-it’s worth it!

As is understood, God sees whatever. He sees how you utilize black magic at Elden Ring to ruin your enemies. He sees how you enter the box at The Witcher 3 without having actually made an application beforehand. As you alloy with Pokémon with satanic pocket beasts. How you removed through hell at Doom Eternal with interest and listens to the devil’s music. And above all, like you at God of War: Ragnarök, the pagan folklore discovers much cooler than deep space for which he broke for 6 days.

And the old gentleman is slow however certainly fed up! Almost 2,000 years after his original release, he for that reason sends his son back onto the earth to lead you godless gamers back on the best path-this time in digital type. At I am Jesus Christ you slip into the sacred sandals on the planet and experience the New Testament from the perspective of his primary character. Smoke-free and totally unpleasant configured by a little indie studio out of Warsaw, driven by Unreal Engine 5, with over 30 playable miracles and naturally approved from the top. Okay, God, we’re doing. But please don’t take the article regrettable for us here.

am I Jesus? Select berries?

After a pixelated intros is, accompanied by Bible quotes and music that sounds as if some business dropout would need to tell us how he made his Lamborghini with a really basic trick, we begin in Nazareth as a 30-year-old kid of God.

As currently Link of Rule, Jesus is awakened by a shining ball that reveals his very first objective to him: Johannes find the Baptist, who is obviously with his followers in the nearby Jordan River. Multi briefly bye, strolling through Nazareth, getting headaches from the grotty performance, and off the journey.

I am Jesus Christian: Beginning Source: PC Games

In each of the following missions, the game teaches us features, however they no longer contribute in the next chapter. On our brief journey to the Jordan, we need to take notice of our appetite strip and consume berries so as not to starve.


This could now be an easy bug, but mental warfare can not be ruled out in matter. Or Jesus struggles with innovative schizophrenia. That would discuss a lot!

Small fun fact on the side: When we pause and continue the video game, the Bible monologue from the intro and music will be played again. If we then collect a quote in the level, both of us will read at the same time.

Anyway: We are not offered much here in a lively method. The Jesus simulator is generally a walking simulator that is periodically disrupted by discussions without flexibility of option and a touch of gameplay.

It is noticeable: Even if performance, character designs and animations often leave substantially to be wanted, the developers in some cases invoke significant environments with good lighting on the screen. I am Jesus Christian is the first video game with God Rays directly from the maker.

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As is known, God sees everything. He sees how you use black magic at Elden Ring to damage your opponents. He sees how you get into the box at The Witcher 3 without having made an application beforehand. At I am Jesus Christ you slip into the sacred shoes in the world and experience the New Testament from the point of view of his primary character. Or Jesus suffers from innovative schizophrenia.

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