All post -game content in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

All post -game content in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Games may seem a little empty when you finished the main plot. But this could no longer be not true for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. In this article, we will talk about everything that you can do after the credits scroll in the game.

What to do in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet after passing the game?

Join the Academy Ace Tournament

The Academy Ace Tournament is a storyline after an epilogue that you can pass immediately after credit shots. Since there is no more direct danger to the Pale, director Cavell offers to hold a tournament to celebrate your formation by the champion. While the Chairman of the GIT is preparing for events, she asks you to check the combat power of the leaders of the region’s gyms.

After you go through the plot, you can join the Academy Ace Tournament at any time. Consider that this is Battle Frontier Pale.

take part in six-start era raids

Six-star terrains are unlocked after you first win the Academy Ace Tournament. Professor Jacques will tell you about the appearance of black crystals of There throughout the region. These crystals are six-star raids. The Pokémon with whom you fight is at 90, the level is infinitely larger than the five-start era Raids level 75.

If you cannot find the black crystals of There even after resetting the day, go through a couple of five-star raids. This is a prerequisite for unlocking Sir of the TERM RAIDS star. Online raids TERM are taken into account among.


Compete in PVP

Whether it is an online or Academy Ace Tournament, now you have all the tools necessary for growing the best Pokémon for battles. As soon as you talk with the nurse Joy after the game, she will add a judge’s function to your poke box. Judge allows you to find out how Genet your Pokémon is. The presence of Pokémon with ideal genes is a minimum requirement to withstand changes in a competitive environment.

End all classes and get closer to the staff

The classes that you attend at the Academy are intended not only for educational purposes. You get experience. Sweets when you finish them, as well as the opportunity to communicate with teachers who head your classes. As soon as you make friends with your instructors as much as possible (plus school nurse), you will receive cool awards, such as regional meet, fragments of There, and even an important quest to complete your FedEx. We will talk more about the latter below.

Find a destructive quartet

If you finished all history lessons and did not lag behind Sailors’s history, you will unlock the quest to find the so-called ruins of the ruins. They are hidden behind the four gates in Pale. Sailors will celebrate it on your map. However, first you need to find eight stakes (only 32) for each gate to unlock them. If you did not have the opportunity to explore all Pale areas, this quest will make you do it.

Catch Pokémon Titan

Technically, you do not need to wait for the end of the game to do this, but Pokemon Scarlet & Violet allows you to hunt for Pokémon Titans that you won in the Path of Legends storyline. Since they no longer have Herbs Mystic to eat, they will not be huge. Nevertheless, you can find tiny versions of these Pokémon Titans, wandering next to the place where you fought with them. There is only one of them, so do not let them faint!

Pokemon-titans are not required to complete the pole. These are just mutating versions of the Pokémon that already exist in the game (for example, Condos and Organization).

Estate Pokédex

Pokédex from Pale has exactly 400 Pokémon. As soon as you catch them all, you will receive a neat certificate, an exclusive poke ball and a valuable item called Shiny Charm, which increases the chances of seeing Shiny Pokemon in the wild. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have exclusives, so you will have to trade with people who have the opposite game.

End your brilliant Pokédex

After you have completed your Pokédex, you can take another step and work on your Shiny Pokédex. This is the most difficult task in any game about Pokémon. It includes the capture or hatching of all 400 shiny Pokémon or Pokémon born with another set of flowers in the Pale Puget. The brilliant Pokémon has only one chance of 4000, the speed will appear much better with Shiny Charm and the correct sandwiches.

Make all Sandwich recipes in Pale

Coaches can make sandwiches during picnics and share them with their Pokémon. You get bonuses depending on the ingredients that you used, from the best meetings to a faster hatching of eggs. But did you know that there is 121 sandwiches recipe in the region? No one will teach you how to make them a lot, so this is mainly the process of trial and error. You can buy most ingredients you need in the port of the marinade.

defeat all coaches in Pale.

What could be better to prove that you are a champion more worthy than Gila than to pull out Anemone and challenge everyone to the battle? By the end, each area on the map will have a representative of the Pokémon League in them who gives awards if you win most coaches nearby. The awards are usually very expensive items in stores, items that will never appear in stores (for example, an amulet-monet), and TM, the recipes of which you will never receive on the street of a star fall. If not all coaches, then at least it is worth winning a sufficient number of them to get a prize in each area.

participate in special events TERM RAID

The developers of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will release the events of a limited time to play before the 10th generation exit. This is usually the raid term. If you have Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can join them. For example, after the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, there was an Reeve event where certain TERM crystals gave rise to Eleven.

To obtain additional information about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, take a look at X and Y here, in the game guidelines for professionals.

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