The final piece Hylissang signs up with MAD Lions ahead of LEC 2023 season

The final piece Hylissang signs up with MAD Lions ahead of LEC 2023 season


MAD Lions confirmed Hissing as its new support today ahead of the 2023 League of Legends EMEA Champion Winter Season Split. The announcement came quickly after Fanatics farewell to the player who accompanied them given that 2018, but reports surrounding his possible arrival to MAD Lions started with a report from Alejandro Gomes previously this month.

After more than 4 years with Fanatic, Hissing will join his 3rd team throughout his almost one decade as a League pro player. From Unicorns of Love through Fanatic, Hissing reached the greatest peaks of competitions, consisting of a World Champion final the same year he joined the black-and-orange team.

Fanatics group director Java Dario Zara stated to be extremely happy to have actually had Hissing with the organization for so long and now to see him grow and form his tradition as one of the very best supports the region has. We want him all the very best moving forward, and thank him for all his efforts here in the Black and Orange, concluded Zara.

The support has actually been a continuous for Fanatics fans throughout the years, and some may find it strange seeing him have fun with another jersey on. Hylissangs aggressive play style could be a great fit for Carry, the ADC who will join the assistance for MAD Lions bot lane in 2023. The two supposedly revealed the dream to play together for the 2023 season, bringing the explosive firepower of a vibrant duo to the already star-studded roster.

With the verification of the new support, MAD Lions roster seems to be finished. Beside Carry, Hissing will join MAD Lions brand-new leading later Chase and the veteran duo of Eloy and Risky as jungle and mid later.

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