Celtics president Brad Stevens clarifies his stand on Jaylen Browns involvement in antisemitism controversy

Celtics president Brad Stevens clarifies his stand on Jaylen Browns involvement in antisemitism controversy

Boston Celtics All-Star forward Jaylen Brown has caught the attention of some in the media for his involvement in antisemitism. At the height of the issues that have been headlined by Kyrie Irving, Brown may have found himself in a tricky situation.

Brad Stevens, the team president for the Celtics, talked about Brown’s intentions.


It’s unclear what Brown’s intentions were, but it did affect his image. While the 6-foot-6 forward has since backed off from the controversy where he got himself involved, some may have changed how they view the star

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Jaylen Brown has supported Kyrie Irving from the start

Since the start of Kyrie Irving’s antisemitic controversy, Jaylen Brown has expressed his support. The Celtics forward doesn’t believe that his former teammate is against Jewish beliefs.

Before he showered Irving with support, Brown dealt with his association with Honda Academy, which was founded by Kanye West, now known as Ye. Ye’s antisemitic comments caused the school to shut down and lose many partnerships. Aaron Donald, a Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman, also terminated his partnership with Honda Academy.

For Brown, however, it didn’t stop there as he continued to be faced with adversities in supporting Irving. Earlier this month, he called out Nike for lacking ethics after they suspended their partnership with the Nets guard.

The Celtics star called out Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai’s response after he was asked about Irving’s return to the court. Tsai answered the question, saying the seven-time All-Star still has work to do. Brown reacted to this via Twitter.

Jaylen Brown has used his platform to promote his beliefs, but it might cause him to get in trouble, similar to what Irving has gone through. Luckily for Brown, Stevens is there to make sure he isn’t tangled in various issues.

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