Splinter Cell will have a radio program

Splinter Cell will have a radio program

It may seem strange, but the radio industry is still most active, not as years ago, but musical programs and sections continue to talk to the successes of the moment. But what I did not expect is that the not radio novels had a return, and to the surprise of many, Splinter Cell will have its own space.

The franchise is adapting to a drama in BBC Radio 4, the station announced. The eight-part series will be broadcast on Fridays from December 2 at 2:15 p. m. This follows the veteran Sam Fisher, in a new mission, recruit and train the next generation of splinter cell agents for the undercover action division of the National Security Agency.


This is what the synopsis tells us:

When a lethal killer of Fisher’s past returns from the dead in a murder mission, he is involved in a race against time when a sinister threat to global security is revealed.

sam fisher will be played by Adonis Anthony (The Archers), the role of her daughter Sarah, is played by actress Daisy Head. Rosalie Craig, Sacha Drawn and Nilesh Patel are also included, as well as Will Coulter (The Maze Runner; Were the Millers).

All episodes will be broadcast live as a box set in BBC Sounds in the Limelight podcast on December 2.

Via: NGC

Editor’s note: This is something that was not seen coming for anything, but we could consider it as the continuation of the last video game of the franchise. It will be interesting to hear the program.

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