Test de Lost Eidolons

Test de Lost Eidolons

It’s not my war my colonel

On the other hand, one could blame the title to take too much time and draw certain elements in unnecessarily. This certainly extends the life-span, however without it being truly appropriate for the primary history.

Each stroke brought to Enemy (or care outing) brings its dexterity batch towards the level of your character, but also vis-à-vis its devices (weapons and armor). Skills therefore open immediately throughout your level gains.

Tested on PC by Coastal with a version provided by Letter.

Technique and Optimization.

In the negative points, we will observe a poor management of classes compared to requirements. A master class needs a character level 30, but a level of Deirdre 10. The gap between the advanced classes and masters is too essential too (chapter 6 and chapter 17).

This one has a reduction in damage as long as it stays accomplices to him on the ground. As an outcome, you are practically required to significantly decrease enemy ranks prior to taking it to him.

The video game was evaluated on the following machine: Ry zen 7 5800x3d-GF 3070-32g of RAM.

The camp.

Primary magic is actually fascinating, because it acts straight in connection with the terrain on which is Enemy. SIL is on a wet box (or if you have actually utilized a front deal spell on it) and you use a delightful spell, this triggers an attack on all wet boxes around Enemy. Another example, if an enemy is on a wooded box, and you release a magic of fire, the location sets fire and causes damage as long as it stays on package.


These are simply alternative objectives that are there to advance your group, report on the team or prosper in prestigious quests.

In regard to laoptimization, no real concern as a whole. The game runs truly well and keeps (on the test config) a good 100FPS+. However, there are a few downturns in some cases on fight actions that appear a bit like a kinetic ambiguity. In view of the graphic quality of the title, turning under Unity, we can state that it is a rather successful bet for Ocean Drive.

Equipment plays a crucial role in the game, due to the fact that it influences the damage received, caused and an entire series of stats perks (criticism, etc.). Each character, with basic magicians, can utilize 2 sets of weapons. It is therefore possible that a character utilizes his sword/shield for contact and an arc for distance combat. This is essential especially when you find yourself in front of monsters, however I will led in the chapter of the bestiary. Equipment Sentient rather easily during the fights or in the merchant, but we would have liked more variety in the Dares types (sword, ax, lance, arc, shield) and specifically benefits which really give an idea of modification of the character. Indeed, I sometimes had 2 items with different names, however everyone’s benefit brought so little distinction that in the end, we feel a little, and it is a shame, because it breaks the devolution feeling.

  • Enhance your prestige.

The bestiary.

This permits you to dent your soldiers to the different specialized that there remains in the video game.

It needs to likewise be noted that by advancing in history, you also open the possibility of equipping frames with your characters to improve their movement on the field and fight and bring some benefits of statistics.

On the other hand, the main characters will be present at the camp and throughout the cutscenes. Variety discovered more sensible to avoid the death of the main characters (by putting them into fight objectives to prevent defeat).

Lost Eidolons is clearly the surprise of this end in regard to tactical role-playing game. Whether by its history or its gameplay, we see Ocean Drive plainly put the little dishes in the big ones to use us what to consume well for numerous 10s of Adheres (30-40 depending upon your attention to the secondary tasks).

The game is readily available on Windows PC (through Steam and the Epic Games Store), Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.

  • The skirmishes.

Fight phases and assistants.

Travel in the camp is made in the 3rd person. Note that the character has an animation not always fantastic and a little clip.

Numerous merchants are offered to offer you with basic equation. One of the merchants, not constantly readily available, uses better quality.

You play Eden, a young man-mancarcher who tends to defend the widow and Forfeit with his troop. At the bend of an experience, you find yourself leading a defiant army focused on warding off Empire which is plagued by corruption. You will rapidly see that in war, even with the best intents, whatever is not constantly as we wanted.

Some characters join your camp overnight. It is constantly interesting to talk to them, since they can join your group if you handle to create sufficiently solid links with them.

Between 2 fights, you have access to your camp which is a type of evolving center. In this one, numerous secondary (and primary) activities await you.

  • The merchants.

On the other hand, the main characters will be present at the camp and throughout the cutscenes. A master class requires a character level 30, however a level of Deirdre 10. You start the fight by putting your characters, picking their equipment/spells… The particularity of Lost Eidolons is the possibility of an assistant to your characters. You can put the characters who do not combat as assistant to others. In addition to the number of laps, you also have a success of success which is generally dub biting the Opponent Leader and, on a contrariwise, if your main characters die, it is the game over.

If basic history is not the most inspired there is, we see that it is much more pleasant and highlights protagonists with a particular charisma. This is notably due to quality dubbing for a big part of the characters. The video game makes the effort to set up its plot (count 5-6 hours anyhow) with Life to amaze you in the method Dun episode 9 of Game of Thrones and there, we state: Ok now we are gone!.

The bestiary, although classic as an entire, brings a rather interesting battle mechanics when it sag its monsters encountered. These are usually massive (a guy taking a box, a monster taking brand-new) and have three powerlessness. These are straight connected to the various existing Dares types. The more you chain the damage on the weak points (as much as an optimum of two strokes per point), the more the damage increases and permit you to conquer the beast. Really friendly mechanics which permits you to have fun with the various Dares sets in a much more tactical method.

One of the very first elements of the game is the possibility of enhancing your links with your different allies. If you establish enough a link with a character, you open new discussions (strengthening the already established relationship), however likewise possible actions on the battleground.


There are passive skills (enhancement in lease damage for example) or active throughout fights (fire arrows). The very first utilizes the four elements to inflict damage, the second heals or causes damage and the last inflicts damage or modifications.

Classes, skills and equipment.

The battles.

This idea of central hub is rather intriguing (and currently known in titles like Fire Emblem: Three Houses), however it also breaks the rhythm of laventure. Once come to the camp after a result, instead of talking with the entire camp and gathering pages of book, we usually just have a desire: to know the continuation of laventure. A bit of a shame so that you don’t always have actually handled to punctuate the great times in between camps, stories and fights. This only issues specific passages, since in the whole, whatever is usually well brought and connected.

  • Newbies.

There are a lot of classes in Lost Eidolons with a system of development through chapters. You begin obviously with basic classes and then pick a development and, finally, in Chapter 17, you unlock the mastery of a class amongst ten possible (11 for Eden). These go from the berserker utilizing 2 swords to the fight mage integrating hand-to-hand and magic battle.

The battles happen in the exact same method as in many tactical role-playing video games. You begin the battle by placing your characters, selecting their equipment/spells… The particularity of Lost Eidolons is the possibility of an assistant to your characters. As your group grows, it is not always possible to take everybody in a battle. Therefore, you can put the characters who do not combat as assistant to others. This offers fighting in advantages such as, for example, a regrowth of a life point when health descends below 35 % and even more magic damage.

Nevertheless, we note a fairly amusing bug when it sag it to do doors during the seats. The size of the ram and the soldiers who press it is not always adjusted to the kinematics. All of a sudden, your character has a dune ant next door!

  • Links with the characters.

We can not reject the strong motivations coming from Fire Symbol Three Homes, however also the work done by the studio in order to ensure gameplay points more interesting. On the other hand, we regret the troubles of rhythm that the title can know between its primary story and its secondary material. We would have liked to state that content after having completed the history would have been fascinating, but the video game is adequate in itself thanks to a rather appealing rate of 35 euros. Clearly, we have for his cash and Lost Eidolons is likely to thrill all tactical role-playing fans.

Once your options have actually been made, the fight starts. We are here on a traditional turn by turn where you play and, when all your actions are brought out, it is Enemy’s turn. The latter rarely takes part in the fight as long as you are not at the limit of its scope (except in the case of certain objectives where you are captured in ambush). It is possible, in troubles of troubles, to select if there is a limitation of towers or not. Basically, the battles are limited in towers to push you to take risks. I preferred to withdraw this alternative, because, in my opinion, it is not constantly sufficiently determined (often too simple and with other moments too challenging). In addition to the variety of laps, you likewise have a success of success which is normally dub biting the Enemy Leader and, on a contrariwise, if your primary characters die, it is the video game over.

The battles are, of course, amongst the essential aspects of the game. Here we find a system that is rather extremely quite like that of Fire Emblem in regard to travel and Actions. However, the title knows how to produce its own identity.


The Lost Eidolons’ scenario is a really crucial element highlighted particularly during the phases between 2 fights. These happen in a camp which evolves as the history advances. The exchanges with your allies are many and make it possible to develop all the Tradition around two, however likewise to promote links in order to unlock new dialogues/actions.

It should be kept in mind that Equipment develops on the other hand in its style in regard to weapons. On the other hand, for armor, it is a change of class that you will be entitled to a rather successful aspect modification.

  • Camp Tournament.

Via activities that long might think about as annexed missions, you have the possibility of posing distinguished points. Once particular levels have been reached, you are rewarded by the villagers with de For, Equipment or perhaps the increase in your command points.

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