x fandom signed a strategic partnership to target the global market

x fandom signed a strategic partnership to target the global market

Korea’s leading game media, Ben (CEO SEO Hyung-jun) and the largest game and entertainment platform fandom (CEO Perkins Miller), the United States, announced on the 17th that they have signed a strategic partnership for successful global expansion of Korean game companies.

Through this partnership, tory has a fandom and a dedicated direct advertisement spot in Korean game companies that are planning to launch games in the US, Europe, and English-speaking countries. Support service.

In addition, the installation and promotion of dedicated booths at large game shows such as E3 and Games pom will be enabled in partnership with global social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Tic Talk.

Fandom recently acquired and merged seven North American gaming media, including Game Spot, Giant Spring and Metacritics, and has accelerated its conversion to a global game platform with more than 300 million monthly average visitors and 250,000 independent wiki sites.


tory plans to help build its own global wiki for Korean game companies in fandom with content production and know-how accumulated as a 19-year web zine and game community through this partnership.

t Ben SEO Hyung-jun said, We are very pleased to publish fandom and strategic partnerships in this G-Star. It is spurring. I would like to ask for a lot of attention from the game industry and gamers.

Fandom Ya mini Josh Managing Director said, Fandom is visited by more than 1.15 billion enthusiastic gamers every month, and now has 17 million pages in more than 100,000 game communities. We are providing everything that gamers and fans want, such as discussions and information. We look forward to providing fandom services in the Korean market through this collaboration with this tory.

tory is established in 2004 as a representative game media in Korea, and has been providing comprehensive services for gamers in various fields such as game communities, broadcasting stations, and markets in the Korean game industry for 19 years. The average number of users visits an average of 1.4 million users a day, and the daily page view has a maximum of 200 million views. Currently, we operate a separate corporation ‘Enchant’ for broadcasting, competition, and MCN business, and established North American Game/e-Sports Media ‘tory Global’ to support Korean game companies preparing for global services in various ways such as contents and media promotions. I do it.

Fandom is the world’s largest community platform that shares various information and resources while covering the game and entertainment. 350 million people visit fandom every month and provide in-depth information about games, TV programs, and movies on more than 250,000 Wiki Pages. Fandom manages the online video game retailer ‘Fanatical’, and in ‘Fandom Productions’, which is in charge of fandom content, ‘Honest Trailers’ and Weekly Video In addition to the news program ‘The LOOP’, the company produces and distributes brand content proven through meta critics, game spots, and TV guides to give users a rich experience.

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