2022 Korea -China -Japan e -sports competition, Busan on 16th

2022 Korea -China -Japan e -sports competition, Busan on 16th

The 2022 Korea-Japan E-Sports Competition (hereinafter referred to as 2022 Korea-Japan Competition), a national competition for e-sports, will be opened on the 16th.

The 2022 Korea-Japan E-Sports Competition is the second time this year as the e-sports national competition led by Korea, China and Japan. It was planned to establish an esports national team system to form an esports ecosystem that connects the pro from grassroots, promote friendships for Korea, China, and Japan, and further secure the global leadership of the e-sports’ industry. The first tournament was held in September 2021 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It is organized by the E-Sports Federation and the Susan Information Industry Promotion Agency. It is also sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, SK Telecom, Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, INAMI and ASUS.

The 2022 Korea-China-Japan competition will be held at Susan e-Sports Stadium (Susan Xingu) for three days from 16 to 18. Originally, this year, this year was planned to be held in Shanghai, China, but as the Corona-19 situation in China continues, it will be offline-non-face-to-face. The Korean national team and the Japanese national team will participate in the Susan e-sports stadium and the Chinese national team will participate remotely in Shanghai, China.

This year’s official stocks were selected by League of Legends, E Football 2023, and Hearthstone.

The National Team of the Korea-China-Japan National Tournament has completed the player after confirming the athlete’s selection method after appointing a leader at the subcommittee. League of Legends will be the best players at the LCK Challengers League, the LOL Development League (LDL), and the LOL Japan League Academy (LJL Academy), and Korea is a non-disclosure evaluation after the candidate. The final six people were selected through. E-football selected two athletes to reflect the official ranking in the game, and Hearthstone decided to finalize the final two by holding a private selection for the official ranking of the competition and the top winners of the 2022 hangzhou Asian Games. The list of national teams in Korea and japan will be released soon.


The national team of Korea and japan will be sponsored by Work Financial Group, SK Telecom, Go Studio, Logitech, and Air Days to help players promote.

In addition, the 2022 Korea-China-Japan competition will be available at the Susan e-sports stadium, and additional events will be held with the competition.

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