Rumor: An MMO of Horizon is in development

Rumor: An MMO of Horizon is in development

As you surely know, PlayStation intends to create several games as a service. While official plans are not yet public knowledge, A new report has indicated that a MMO Horizon, the Games Guerrillas series, is already in development.

According to a report by MTN, NCS oft, study of the South Korea, responsible for lineage and Guild Wars, would be working on an MMO of Horizon for the global market, which would be part of Sony’s plans to create games as service of its properties .

Currently, NCS OFT is hiring staff for a project under the code name of Project H . For his part, this was what the Global Communication Office of the developers commented when this report were questioned before:

It is difficult to confirm information on unpublished projects that are currently under development.

This should not be a big surprise. Previous reports pointed out that Guerrillas Games tried to implement a co-op mode in zero dawn and forbidden West, and it is believed that this idea would be part of a spin-off or a third installment in the series. Along with this, last year, European developers shared a series of job offers that gave clues to the possibility of seeing an MMO, with a writer position, specifically pointing MMORPG and online games in their description.

At the moment there is no official information , and some time could happen before this report has a confirmation or denial. In related issues, fans are not happy with the idea of a remake of the first Horizon. Similarly, a track on possible DLC for Forbidden West.

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The idea of a MMO of Horizon is something that does not attract me at all. While property is interesting, with an extensive world, creating an experience focused on lasting for years is something that very few developers are able to do effectively.

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