Ad X Plus, Sandbox and Red Bokyako mobile game license contract

Ad X Plus, Sandbox and Red Bokyako mobile game license contract

Ad Tech Co., Ltd. (CEO King Rubin) announced that it has signed a contract with a mobile game development license with the representative content of Sandbox Network.

Sandbox Network is a representative digital entertainment company with more than 450 teams of creators, which have been recognized for their influence in various fields such as Dotty, Yew Byung-soo, Jonathan, Schema, Senghor Dad, and Punggol. Recently, the company is focusing on creating and distributing original contents based on creator networks and production capabilities, and is also actively entering the global market, commerce business, and web 3.0-based business.

With 630,000 YouTube subscribers, Tokyo is launching various goods such as clothing, accessories, and milk kids based on the overwhelming popularity of teenagers.

Encreockey, who is in charge of the development of the game, has introduced the neglected RPG ‘Children’s Merge Heroes’, ‘Mobile Defense Game’ ‘Card Us of Castle’, and various high-water games. In September, the company signed a license development with the B-class emotional content of the Sandbox Network, and is developing a license to launch the two major markets in the first half of next year.

Encode will be launched in the second half of next year by developing a rhythm game that takes advantage of the characters and characteristics of ‘Tokyo’.

King Rubin, CEO of Ad X Plus, said, We will release various color games sequentially with a series of license agreements with Sandbox Network. We will focus on providing various services with mobile advertising solutions and mobile game development next year. He said.

ADX Plus is currently focusing on developing games such as its subsidiary Encroach, Entice Studio, and Code OK, with its advertising revenue maximization solutions. On November 1, Neptune’s 100% subsidiary was incorporated as a subsidiary, and changed its name from ADX to Ad X Plus.

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