Modern Warfare 2: Ranked matches will only be available in 2023

Modern Warfare 2: Ranked matches will only be available in 2023

We know that the ranked mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was really planned for the work of Infinity Ward by Trey arch , but apparently it will not reach the game before 2023 .

Modern Warfare 2 reveals its ranked mode


On social networks Trey arch has revealed the good news for the most competitive, with the announcement of the ranked Modern Warfare 2. Even if we don’t have a precise date for its publication, we know it will only appear in 2023 . However, we also do not know which quarter it will be released, but should not take much time.

In addition, according to the Trey arch tweet, players can expect not only one mode, but several competitive game modes with divisions based on the player classification, a statistics system, a rating table of the 250 best Players (a ranking with a table) and of course rewards.

Although we do not really know when the ranked ones will arrive at Modern Warfare 2, the developers have ensured that players can practice and will soon have a special reproduction list of the Call of Duty League Mosh pit available for them at the launch of Season 1 of MW2 E Call of Duty: War zone 2.0 , i.e. on November 16 .

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