Iem Major Rio: Furia wins Gamerlegion and advances to Legends Stage

Iem Major Rio: Furia wins Gamerlegion and advances to Legends Stage


Curia is in the IEM Rio Major 2022 Legends Stage, the first CS World Championship: GO of history held in azil. This Wednesday (2), the team of Art, Esperanto, Yuri, Drop and Safe beat Gamerlegio, from Europe, 2-0, and ended Challengers Stage with a campaign of 3 wins and 1 loss. Panthers will also be the only azilian team of Legends, as 00 Nation and Imperial were eliminated with campaigns of 3 losses and no victory.

In addition to Curia, 4 other teams qualified for Major’s main key via Challengers: Moue and Bad News Eagles passed the unbeaten Challengers Stage, with 3 wins campaigns and no defeat, while Outsiders and Big campaigns identical to Curia : 3 wins and a defeat.

This Thursday, the last three vacancies of Legends Stage will be defined. At 11h00, the duel between OG and Team Vitality happens. Following this, Gamer legion and Cloud9 also run for a place in Rio’s main key, the confrontation between Fanatic and 9z closes the last day of Challengers Stage.

Check out the Curia’s victory about Gamer legion below



  • Art
  • Esperanto
  • Yuri
  • Drop
  • Atari

Gamer legion

  • IM
  • ISAF
  • The color
  • Study
  • Keon
  • Shhh

Map 1 (Vertigo)-Curia 16 x 9 Gamer legion

The dispute on the Vertigo map has been marked by the wide mastery of the fury since the beginning of the game. With a dominant performance on the TR side and major individual performances by Trio Yuri, Esperanto and Drop, the panthers run over Gamerlegio and did 11 to 4 in the first half. After the sides change, the azilian team maintained the control of the game, did not allow GL to approach the score and finished the game in 16 to 9.

Map 2 (hell)-Curia 16 x 11 Gamer legion

The dispute on the hell map was more balanced than in Vertigo, but still with control of the curia in the decisive moments. With a Safe Gala performance, which led the team in eliminations (23), and medium damage per round (83.3), the curia made a great side and closed the first half winning 11-4 after sides., the Gamer legion reacted in the match and diminished the disadvantage to only 1 point: 11 to 10. In the final stretch of the match, however, the panthers resumed the control of the game, won 5 of the last 6 rounds and finished the confrontation in 16 to 11, thus guaranteeing the vacancy in the Major do Rio Legends Stage.

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