AI illustration generation was too interesting and made it.
 AI Oikaki Wolf Game AI Art Imposter will soon be distributed

AI illustration generation was too interesting and made it. AI Oikaki Wolf Game AI Art Imposter will soon be distributed

Pocket pairs, known for Craft Pier and Pal World, have announced that they will release a new party game AI Art Imposter at 4:00 am on November 4th Japan time.

This work, which can be played by 3 to 8 people, is the world’s first drawing party game that makes AI drawing a picture that is in line with the theme. Players will work together with other artists to prepare pictures for the exhibition, but there are imposts that only one person is not informed, and Imposters need to predict the theme and draw. (Category is conveyed). Finally, each of them shows a picture and voted, and the artist wins the impede, and conversely, the Imposter can win the theme.

Such basic progress is similar to other famous painting party games, but the feature is that each player gives instructions to AI and draws a picture. In general, the same title has all your own drawing skills, and most of the time, you can grasp the theme from simple pictures due to time limit, but this work using the power of AI is precise. You need to find a theme from the image, and you may have a novel experience.

Renewable gameplay

Have you ever experienced playing using a picture drawn on AI? You can experience the unprecedented way of playing with AI Art Imposters.

You can draw wonderful pictures without painting

By giving words and sentences to AI according to the given theme, AI draws only one picture in a wonderful world.
You don’t need any knowledge of picture heart or art.
Sometimes a picture that is different from imagination may be completed,
That is another art.

PC, multiplayer with smartphones

You can play with someone you don’t know with someone you don’t know, or with your friends you know.
Do your friends have a PC? Rest assured.
This game can be played on a smartphone.

1 1 game is short, and you can play quickly

One game takes about 5 minutes, and you can immediately go to the next game, whether you win or lose. Please enjoy the game experience of playing while generating pictures according to the theme.

If you think, Does AI need a high-spec PC? It seems that the AI processing of this work is performed on an external server so that it works on a smartph1. In addition, our magazine has a special comment from Mr. Microbe, the CEO of pocket pairs.

Mr. Microbe AI was too interesting when I tried the creation of illustrations, so I made it as an experimental game. Because I use GPU very much to generate illustrations, it’s actually a very deficit , but please enjoy it! !

AI Art Imposter, which has been completed with a high degree of profitability because the technology that evolves rapidly is too interesting, is scheduled to be distributed for 520 yen for Windows (Steam) and iOS/Android version for free in-game. 。 The iOS/Android version is now an invitation system for server load testing.

  • Currently, the iOS / Android version is an invitation system for the server load test, and only those invited by the User who purchased the Steam version can play games. (Once you are invited, you can invite another mobile version of friends)

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