SK C & C Pangyo Data Center Fire, joint acquisition of 4 insurers

SK C & C Pangyo Data Center Fire, joint acquisition of 4 insurers

Four non-life insurers jointly acquire and handle the damage caused by the SK C & C data center fire located in Pang yo, Gyeonggi-do.

According to the industry on the 18th, Hyundai Maritime is the main secretary to investigate the facts and calculate the damages of the SK C & C data center fire. SK C & C is known to have signed up for the data center at Lott Insurance, KB Insurance, and Samsung Fire.

An official in the insurance industry explained, The main secretary is in charge of practical work and divides the damages according to the proportion of SK C & C.

So far, SK C & C has signed up for property insurance and machine risk insurance in the form of a package insurance. Comprehensive property insurance is an insurance that covers risks, such as fires, or in case of an accident, and mechanical risk insurance covers problems caused by mechanical problems. In addition, SK C & C also signed a professional liability insurance for special insurance information and network technology.


The key is whether SK C & C has a level of insurance and liability insurance. The industry is known to have signed up for 400 billion won in the location, but it is also observed that it does not reach much. An official of the industry explained, It is difficult to identify it exactly because it is information of customers for insurance companies.

LIM Hereon, a researcher at Shanahan Investment & Securities, said, The maximum damages of the expected damages are estimated at 10 billion won for Hyundai Maritime, 10 billion won for Samsung Fire, and 5 billion won for Merit Fire.

In the case of liability insurance, the damage to third parties must be proved, so even if the liability insurance is purchased, it is expected to be painful even if the insurance payment is paid. Another insurance industry official said, There are a lot of problems to find out why the fire occurred and the problem of responding to SK C & C after the fire.

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