How to unlock races in a night city

How to unlock races in a night city

In Cyberpunk 2077, you cannot notice street races in Night City at the first launch of the game. This is not a failure, rather you can explore the game as part of a side mission. Follow this leadership to find out how to unlock the races in the noisy night city of Cyberpunk 2077.

Street races in CP2077

There are several requirements that need to be fulfilled to unlock street races in the CP2077. First, players must fulfill the main quest Double Life. As soon as the mission is completed, Claire Russell will call Vi. She will tell Vi that she really needs a driver for street racing, and will make you an offer. If you express your interest in this, beast in me mission will be entrusted to you.

Once the best in me quest begins, the first thing you do is heading for the Claire garage. It will be located in Santo Domingo. Using the map, go to the Arrow area to meet with Claire.

Talk to her, and she will explain the basic principles of racing in Night City. She will tell Vi that you will have to drive a car, and she will sit next to you to attack opponents. However, the race will not begin. You will have to wait until Claire calls See again.

General information

Street races take place in four places. This is barren lands, the city center, Watson and Santo Domingo . Go to these places using the map. These locations will be represented by yellow marks.

Once there, Claire will contact the text in the text, and you can answer this message to show your readiness for its proposal. Please note that each race will have a separate entry.

Discuss with Claire whether you can use your car for the race or the one that it will provide. If you are a beginner, or you are in the early stages of the game, we recommend that you use a vehicle that provides Claire because it will offer you a vehicle named a beast, which is a very strong and high-performance vehicle.

To start the race, Claire will sit as a passenger, and you will be a driver.

How to win a race

DVV must fully focus on driving during the race. Remember that the arrows on the track display the entire route. Move properly through the control gate.

Pay attention to the Claire comments, since most of these comments are appropriate when cool turns are approaching. Try to finish the race in the top three to earn credit glasses.


Claire will contact you several times about the races, and you decide, accept or reject her offer. Here’s how you can unlock the races in Night City.

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