Genshin Impact: The ideal team compositions for Cyno

Genshin Impact: The ideal team compositions for Cyno

Since your arrival at the Banner of version 3.1 , CNO has become one of the most commented subjects among the community of Genshin Impact . From tireless demand for the scarab used to raise it by level to its complete build. The five-star character Electron is a strong DPS, which can make all the difference in battles if it is properly equipped, especially in teams that raise your skills. CNO has its particularities, it is important to be aware of them to know what the ideal team options are.


In Genshin Impact it is essential to be aware of synergy, it is with her that the character will perform the most powerful resonance and elemental reactions. CNO is a character that focused on these reactions, like an electron there are different combinations that can be performed, with Hydro for an electrically charged, pro for overload and cry for superconductor.

It is noteworthy that the traveler nominated for CNO is the Pedro .

As CNO needs a battery to supply his energy, decrease recharging time and life regeneration, alongside an electron ally it will be possible to reduce the duration of the effects Hydro by 40%. While the superconductor, overload and electrically charged have a 100% chance of generating an electron elemental particle. Some options indicated to be with CNO are bayou , Doris , Fiscal and Maiden .

Electron are not the only ones that can grant energy to the character. Among the long list of Gen shin, there are those who are specific to assume the role of recharge, regardless of the element, such as Bennett and Xingu.

It will not only be of resonance and reactions that will live the team. Another important question is to have an ally who intensifies the Electron attacks, like Keisha or a character Pedro .

The best team combinations for CNO

Option 1: Xi angling, Bennett and Xingu

Bennett increases the general damage to the team and provides cure when necessary, it can easily work with the team to increase damage and ing cure to anyone on the field. xi angling will act as secondary DPS, the duo with Bennett will raise the attack buff due to pro resonance. With CNO, it will cause overload reactions. Next to Xingu it will be possible to damage continuous and application of electrically loaded reactions by Swords Rain .

Option 2: Collar, Keisha and Doris (or Fiscal)

The combo that includes Pedro , duo Electron , drums and buff is all that CNO needs and Collar , Keisha and Doris fulfill these papers well. In the team, Collar positions himself as secondary DPS and can intensify the attacks of the main 1. For example, the sprout effect will move to CNO when I collar is no longer on the field. In addition to the combination Pedro and Electron providing an acceleration aura, when this application of the acceleration aura results in intensification, which adds bonus damage.

Keisha is the support responsible for group control and spreading the loads Pedro and electron of the team. Alongside CNO it will intensify the character’s damage and decrease the resistance to electron of enemies. Doris will be the one that will support, with cures and power recharges.


Option 3: Candace, Elan and Zwingli

This composition works with two secondary DPs, Candace and HELEN , and a support, Zwingli . It is focused on electroplated reactions, with Duo CNO and Candace it will still be possible for Candace to increase the normal attack damage to companions with Hydro enchantment.

As a spear user, CNO’s normal attacks are usually fast, a great combination for Elan, which is has synergy with normal attacks thanks to its supreme. Zwingli will assist CNO in increasing damage.

Option 4: Elan, Bayou and Yunnan

Bayou will guarantee the survival of the team, while offensive as secondary DPS. It can alleviate enemy attacks on its elementary ability, while causing damage Electron and periodically triggers reactions. In addition to providing energy for CNO, as both are Electron .

HELEN will also act as secondary DPS, it would be able to provide the electroplated effect with its explosion with both CNO and Bayou. Run Jin will also support the team as support for Cloud Flag formation , granted to the entire team. It causes an effect of increased damage based on Run Jin’s own DEF when causing normal attack damage. That is, the character geography is effective to evolve CNO’s damage

Other possible combinations:

Future bet: Bahia

Bahia is the arcane Pedro already announced for version 3.2.
Although not yet available, the five-star character is a strong bet to join CNO’s list of synergies.
In a team with the Electron , Bahia would assume the support function, offering acceleration reactions with Pedro , mainly, by Bahia’s elemental skills apply Pedro continuous for 20 seconds and his
Supreme reduce the interval of and CNO.

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