Summers War, three new shapes transformations in Halloween

Summers War, three new shapes transformations in Halloween

Comes (CEO Jae-won Song, Lee Johan) has updated three new shapes transformations in the coming Halloween in ‘Summers War: Arena (Summers War)’.

This update celebrates the upcoming October 31st Halloween Day, so that users can play ‘Summers War’ and feel a unique and gorgeous festival atmosphere.

The newly added shape transformation is a total of three types: Totem Wager, Wrong Myopia, and King. Users can meet three monsters with cute and wonderful skill effects, including ‘Totem Multi’ wearing monster hair, ‘Enemy Massage’ dressed as Bruce Lee, and ‘HAE King’, who transformed into a child with a pumpkin basket.


Meanwhile, the reorganization of the guild contents ‘occupation’ was also implemented. The combat time was reduced to 12 hours and the season, which had been held for three months, was adjusted for four months. The ratio of guild scores and the end compensation of the season were greatly increased according to the occupation scores, allowing them to obtain richer rewards. In addition, some guilds have changed some designs of the battlefield so that each guild can expand various strategic tactics.

In addition, a guild ranking menu that can check the guild ranking has been added, and convenience improvement updates have been made, such as reorganizing the existing lock function as a marker function so that runes and artifacts can be managed more conveniently.

For more information about this Halloween commemorative shape transformation and new updates, you can find out through the official ‘Summers War’ official café.

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