Splatoon 3 Illustrations with QR code are controversial.
 Even in interesting posts, malicious intentions are in danger

Splatoon 3 Illustrations with QR code are controversial. Even in interesting posts, malicious intentions are in danger

The dangers of QR code in the illustration post of Platoon 3 seem to be attracting attention. There are also alerts by users.

Platoon 3 is the latest work Platoon series. The stage is the chaotic local city of Ankara. It is said that the city, which is stuck in the Ankara region, has developed rapidly through redevelopment. Players can freely run around in Ankara Street. In addition to various stores, there are also spots where you can play the card game NASA Butler. An avatar of other players is scattered around the city. When you approach the avatar, the illustrations they have posted are displayed. The illustration of user generation makes the city lively.

And the danger of the illustration function is attracting attention. The problem is the illustration that has a QR code into it. Since the illustration can be drawn with a relatively detailed dot, it is possible to draw an effective QR code in the illustration. With auxiliary tools, it seems that you can post more elaborate complex images in the game. Users are paying attention to the dangers to link this QR code.

However, of course, illustrations with QR code do not cause such troubles simply by browsing in the game. Unless you read the QR code with a smartphone, there is no harm. On the other hand, the other day, some kind of net-missed post, with a QR code with an actor, attracted attention. In this work, the illustrations with the QR code were spreading in the viral because of the number of reactions to illustrations and the illustrations were displayed for more people. The post seems to have been deleted later than advertising and advertising, but the risks are attracting attention.

Although there was no danger in the link in this case, if an illustration culture involving the QR code was penetrated, there is a possibility that malicious users will enter a link to harmful sites. There is a danger of having some trouble just by accessing it. Of course, it seems that Nintendo’s response will be performed immediately, but the dangers have been revealed among users.

In the Platoon series, illustration posting is possible from the first generation, and users who abuse the illustrations have appeared and have been cracked down. In Platoon 2, there was an illustration that used the QR code as well. All of these cases were small, but in this case, we looked into the complexity that the illustrations with QR code have been made into a viral due to the interesting and reaction of users.

The rules of illustration posting in this work are stipulated that they do not include the purpose of profit advertising, violent, and content that are contrary to public order and morals. Although the Illustration of the QR code itself is not prohibited on the rules, it is likely that the guidance to a specific site may violate such rules. The rules are also prohibited from infringing copyright. The deleted actor illustration was cracked down as a violation of advertising and advertising, but it could be said that there were also copyright risks. In any case, illustration posting should be enjoyed within the rules. It seems better to refrain from reading the QR code in the illustration of other players in consideration of safety.

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