Amazon will have a new sale in prime day

Amazon will have a new sale in prime day

The party season is approaching in a dangerous way, so many stores are already thinking what kind of offers they will launch to take to the maximum number of possible customers. And it seems that Amazon does not have enough with its Prime Day of a couple of months ago, since they already have a new event in mind for the month of October.

This one will be called amazon prime early Access Sale , and will be carried out in countries that handle a sale in the style of Black Friday , which is a well-known shopping routine in the United States . So it is not yet confirmed if it will be carried out in the latin american part, so countries such as Mexico could be discarded.

This event is going to be held on October 11 and 12 , and apparently will not support offers with offers to those who wish to obtain things from United States to take other countries. That means that only citizens of this part of the continent, including Canada **, can get the different products that are presumed will have great discounts.

The best thing is that users who make their wishlist, may be notified for some offer in what they are interested in, everything to click on a couple of seconds and that the product leaves as soon as possible. In fact, you will notify a day before to have the portfolios lists and avoid the problem of entering the page when there is no longer inventory.

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