The best collection of Collei in Genshin Impact – weapons, artifacts and much more!

The best collection of Collei in Genshin Impact – weapons, artifacts and much more!

Knocking is the first user of Pedro with four stars added to the game, and it owns onions. Since it was released along with the banner of the Signori, it is seen as a budget signori, playing a similar role in the team. You can also get it for free by completing Section 4-3 Spiral Abyss. Here is a guide on how to build Collar in Genshin Impact.

Style Game College

Knight can perfectly Permanent Pedro damage to enemies , especially in close combat. To get used to this style of the game, it takes some time, since most onions succeed in long-range battle, but the unique abilities of colleagues still make it an asset of any team. Knocking is most effective when is used as a catalyst elementary reactions .

Best weapon for knocks

The perfect weapon colleague is the onion of the royal squire , a weapon that can be made for the completion of local tasks to the punch. This weapon raises colleagues elemental skill by 12 seconds, but does not apply to other characters in your group. To fully reveal the potential of this weapon, you must apply an element different from Pedro, switch to a knee and use its elemental skill. Then keep your colleagues on the field for several seconds and use basic attacks to apply consistent damage.

Five-star weapon Elegy at the end or polar star will be enough if you do not have a royal squire. If you are looking for a four-star onion, which is easy to get, you can use unearthly that increases the damage from the explosion of the elements.

Best Artifacts for Knocks

An ideal set of artifacts colleague is a collection of gilded dreams , which increases the skill of the elements and gives positive effects to other characters in your group. The buff of this set of artifacts changes depending on the elements in your team. If your group has another Pedro user, Collar receives a 14% ATK buff. As an alternative, for each character with another type of elemental, a knee-off receives 50 elemental skills.

If you do not have a set of gilded dreams, then a set of Deep wood Memories. is enough. This set increases the damage to the Pedro colleague and reduces the Pedro RES targets. This set of artifacts is more effective when you equip colleagues with Pedro DPS assembly, not Elemental Mastery.

skills colleague

Ordinary attack: Firing the petitioner

* Ordinary attack

* Perform up to four consistent shots from onions.

charged attack *
* Perform a more accurate aimed shot with increased damage. During aiming, the energy of the Pedro accumulates at the tip of the arrow. A completely charged arrow will apply Pedro DMG.
Summer attack *
* Releases boom in the air in the air before falling and hitting the ground, applying AOE DMG when hit.

Elementary skill: flower brush

  • Throws out a flower ring, which applies one copy of Pedro DMG to the goals with which it comes into contact. The flower ring will return after a certain time, applying Pedro DMG again.

Elemental Burst: Cozy Kitty

  • Throws a doll named Kuilein-Anbar, causing an explosion that AOE Pedro DMG applies, creating the Cuilein-Angar Zone, applying AOE Pedro DMG.

passive skills

Flower Harvinder *
* If one of the members of your group provoked reactions of combustion, acceleration, exacerbation, distribution, flowering, hypercrower or heyday before the flower ring returns, it will provide the character with the sprout effect on the return that will constantly apply Pedro DMG, equivalent to 40%. From ATK, a college of the closest opponents for three seconds. If another Sprout effect works during its initial duration, the initial effect will be removed. The damage caused by Sprout is considered damage from Elemental Skill.
languid forest
* When the character in the Kulein-Anbar zone triggers the reactions of combustion, acceleration, aggravation, distribution, flowering, hypertext or heyday, the duration of the zone will be increased by one second. One kitty trump card can be extended up to three seconds.
Champion Planning
* Reduces endurance consumption when planning members of your group by 20%.
* Does not combine with passive talents that give exactly the same effects.

constellations College

Level First: Deep Forest Patrol

Energy charging the college increases by 20%when it is in the group, not on the field.

level second: through a hill and grove

Passive talent Flower Skydiver is changed to this: the flower ring will provide the character with the effect of the sprout from the flowers aider upon return, applying 40% of ATC in the form of Pedro damage to the nearest opponents for three seconds.

From the moment of using the flower brush until the moment when this copy of the germination effect ends if any of the members of your group activates the reaction burning, acceleration, deterioration, distribution, flowering, flowering, Hypertext or flowering, the germination effect is extended by three seconds. You can expand the sprout effect thus only once. The initial effect will be removed if another SPROUT effect works during its initial duration. The damage caused by Sprout is considered damage from Elemental Skill.

This requires you to unlock the passive talent Flower Harvinder.

Third Level: Farm of summer

Increases the level of the flower brush by three. The maximum level of improvement is 15.

Level Fourth: Dare Forest

The use of Kitty trump card will increase the skill of the elements of all the nearest characters by 60 by 12 seconds (not including the column itself).

Fifth level: all coals

Increases the level of trump Kitty by three. The maximum level of improvement is 15.

level six: Forest of falling arrows

When the flower ring hit, it will create a miniature kulein-anbar, which will apply a 200% ATC in the form of Pedro DMG. Each flower brush can create only one such miniature Cuilein-Angar.

Materials Collar Ascension

In order to raise a knee to level 90, you must use one fragment of an emerald Naiads, nine fragments of the emerald Naiads, nine pieces of emerald Naiads and six precious stones of the emerald Naiads. As for regional delicacies, the college requires 168 mushrooms of the Rukhashava. For general materials to increase the level, the college needs 18 durable arrows of arrows, 30 acute arrowheads and 36 weathered arrowheads. As for the drop from the boss, she requires 46 majestic hooks from the terrible mushroom of a jade feathers.

To increase the level of its talents, it must have different books from the Praxis series. You can find these materials in the Steeple of Ignorance domain, which is open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The best teammates for a colleague

Knocking flourishes with other Pedro users in their group, although the full Pedro command is not recommended. Rather, it is most effective in pairs with one user of Pedro and two characters with different types of elements. Kola works well with signori , especially if she has a set of artifacts gilded dreams. The desire of a colleague for elementary reactions can be performed by such characters as Baidu as well as Cook Snob as well as Hydro character, for example Amato or Comes . This combination of spontaneous attacks activates hypertension, causing huge damage to opponents.

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