New art by Orange Piccoro is revealed

New art by Orange Piccoro is revealed

Although it seems that the emotion for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has fallen, this has not stopped Tea Animation to share a new material related to this film. Thus, an illustration by Orange Piccolo never seen **, which makes clear the new power of this character was recently known.

Being a card game, Dragon Ball Heroes has not lost the opportunity to increase its catalog of collectible objects with the premiere of the most recent anime film. In this way, The users of this title already have the opportunity to add Piccolo to their collection , and to celebrate this, a new illustration of this transformation has been shared.

Recall that Orange Piccolo is a transformation that Namibian obtained when Sheng-Long unlocked his potential through a special desire. Although this could go against what has been seen in Dragon Ball, The film makes it clear that this power has always been within the Z.

In related issues, here you can see the new advance of Dragon Ball: The Breakers. Similarly, more DLC is confirmed for Dragon Ball z: apart.

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