Does it change quite a bit? PS5 Model Change Video Release -Many improvements such as power saving and heat sink miniaturization

The model change version PS5 where the release on September 15 is approaching, but this PS5 disassembly video has been released .

The video was released by Austin Evans, which mainly deals with tech, and he also has a disassembly comparison between the initial and the current type.

At first glance, any model cannot be distinguished, but when the side panel is removed, the difference is obvious, and the difference in processing and the size of the base have changed at a glance.

Evans’s video also compares power consumption and fever, and the new model is reduced by about 20 to 30 W, and the external fever is lower than the current model, almost the same level as the initial model. It is almost certain that this has been improved and optimized when considering the miniaturization of the internal heat sink.

However, it seems that there are some parts of the user perspective, such as the CMOS battery, which had been easily accessible and replaced, would require disassembly for the replacement.

The more detailed verification will be waiting for whether the power saving and the decrease in the amount of fever have been reduced while maintaining the performance, so it seems that various verifications will be made in various fields after the release. Increase.

It is a model change this time, but it seems good to think that the improvement has been made properly. However, the most important issue will be obtained. This is all inevitable, but as a gamer, I can’t help but have a single hope.

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