How to get an error marker in Find the Markers – Roblox

How to get an error marker in Find the Markers – Roblox

Although finding markers may seem just another experience in the style of hunting for garbage, he offers a rather complex map with more than a few complex secrets that need to be found. With its small February 2022 Find the Markers update added five more markers to detect players, including the one that we will consider in this brief guide, error marker .


Search for Marker Error in Search for Markers

After you appear in Find the Markers, put on a helmet, head to the disheveled area and enter the house depicted below. If you turn around, remember where we found a young marker.

Inside this house is a markerclier that sits behind his computer in the classic style of Marquiller.

To find a marker of errors, go to the marker and set the camera so that you can see its screen.

To turn on the computer, enter the mouse pointer on its keyboard and click it several times. After a few seconds, pressing the screen should become blue and display an error-now you can get to the marker error! To do this, jump onto the laptop and go to the screen. After that, you will automatically teleport to error room .

To get an error marker and add it to your MarkerDex, just go to it and tap it. After that, you will get an icon and a pop-up window depicted below!

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