A new Battrois by the director of the 9th district!
 FUTURE GAMES SHOW presentation content

A new Battrois by the director of the 9th district! FUTURE GAMES SHOW presentation content

Introducing the contents of the announcements at the new information release event Future Games Show sponsored by GamesRader+sponsored by GamesRader+sponsored by the European largest game event Gamescom 2022 .

  • The latest video of the ADV THE GAP that faces your own memory and choice to solve the entangled memory

  • Co-optps Aliens: Fireteam Elite DLC Pathogen will be distributed on August 31st

  • Action figure shooter HyperCharge: Unboxed Xbox version Play test is now accepted

  • Start of distribution of the 18th-century detective ADV THE CASE OF THE GOLDEN IDOL for free investigation

  • Arrigmastels ADV Snaccoon Game play video release of sweets

  • Popular board game-based open world RPG TAINTED GRAIL: The FALL OF AVALON New video release

  • Released on November 15 abroad for Steam, a colony management SLG FLOODLAND set in a submerged world

  • Love Craft Metroidvania THE LAST CASE OF BENEDICT FOX Developer Presentation

  • Sorted puzzle A Little to the Left Overseas November 8th distribution decision

  • Demonstration version is being distributed at Virtual Show Floor Steam



    • Gloomwood

    • The Wandering Village

    • Power Chord



    • Anno: Mutationem

    • Misc: a tiny tale

  • New game play video release with explanations of developers Goat Simulator 3 that can be enjoyed online cooperation with 4 people

  • Horror action ADV THE CHANT Developer Presentation in cosmic fear

  • Stealth ACT EREBAN: SHADOW LEGACY developer presentation that makes full use of shadow power and high-tech gadgets

  • Wizardly Gaiden Five Trials significant update-DLC absent of mercy and battle prison are also decided

  • High-speed sister ACT SOULSTICE released on September 20-Democratic version for PC is also released

  • Metroidvania AFTERIMAGE game play video release that adventures in the beautiful world of hand-drawn

  • SF Space ADV Deriver Asmighs Store Trailer released to check the story and game play

  • Stylish action Phantom Hellcat Game Play Presentation

  • Survival horror ADV Edge of Sanity officially announced

  • Hotel management simulation HOTEL ARCHITECT announced

  • Falconia Announced Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicle to build an interceptor in the world

  • Dystopia ACT THE LAST WORKER that depicts the hardships in the automated world on October 19th

  • Future work ONES TO WATCH Monterage video

    • Grid Force: Mask of the Goddess

    • Sker Ritual

    • Do not feed the monkeys 2099


    • Park Beyond

    • SCHIM

    • Pharaoh: a New Era


  • Real-time and turn-based eclectic WW1 strategy The Great War: Western Front announced

  • Avoid destruction of smartphone OS The first person viewpoint comedy ADV Backfirewall_ Demonstration distribution

  • Publisher Team17 lineup video

    • Age of Darkness: FINAL STAND

    • The Knight Witch




    • Sunday Gold




  • ADV SCP: Secret Files will be released on September 13, which approaches the SCP Foundation case in various game styles

  • The magnetic puzzle ACT TESLAGRAD 2 that follows the mystery of sleeping in the Nordic land is released in 2023

  • Horror Action ADV THE DARK PICTURES ANTHOLOGY: THE DEVIL IN ME released on November 18th

  • Psycho-horror EXP: WAR TRAUMA depicting the fear of a man holding a trauma in World War II

  • After bacterial war, the latest trailer ROOTED is set up after the stage

  • VR Devil’s Emerging Action HellSweeper VR Latest Game Player

  • Collect, train, fight sword fight ARPG STRAY BLADE game play video release

  • Strategic action RTS CROSSFIRE: LEGION Update 1.3 Trailer

  • Sound game × case game action action GOD OF ROCK announced

  • Honorous open world agricultural adventure Lightyear Frontier latest game play trailer

  • Masterpiece horror FPS remake SYSTEM SHOCK latest trailer release

  • Horror ADV series latest version Layers of Fears latest trailer release

  • Cyberpunk Batroa Off The Grid sent by 9th District Cinematic Trailer

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