The denomination prosperity!
 Cult of the Ram, 1 million copies of sales

The denomination prosperity! Cult of the Ram, 1 million copies of sales

Global Indie Game Publisher Divol Buddy Digital announced on August 19 that the sales volume of ‘Cult of the Lamb’ exceeded 1 million copies, and a new trailer containing the opinions of critics.

In response, the developer, Massive Monster, confirmed the feedback from the community and said that it will modify the parts that need to be modified in the game as soon as possible. In addition, the company announced plans to proceed with free update with the announcement of the content roadmap.

Cult of the Lam is a unique genre with a combination of loglike RPGs and construction simulations released on August 12. The player must be a quantity of demon-minded power, designing his area in the forest, and collecting believers and artifacts through adventure to build a denomination.

Although unique visuals and cute animal characters are mixed with 2D and 3D, they have been anticipated before the launch by establishing an anti-war charm through the unintentional concept of demon worship. Currently, Cult of the Lam has more than 13,800 steam evaluation and has achieved very positive.

Cult of the Lam, released on August 12, can be enjoyed in PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, and supports Korean. More information about the game can be found on the Steam page.

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