Here is the new Cobra Kai trailer!

Here is the new Cobra Kai trailer!

After revealing a series of images a couple of days ago, Netflix has shared today the new trailer of the fifth season of Cobra Kai _. With its planned premiere for next month, This advance prepares us for all the fighting and the drama that has characterized the series so much.

After the events of the fourth season, the dojos of Daniel and Johnny have closed, giving Terry Silver an opportunity to expand the domain of cobra kai by the rest of the valley. However, Our protagonists will not give up so easily.

Although in the previous images of the series we saw that Sean Kanan will return to the universe of The Karate Kid giving life once again to Mike Barnes, The trailer did not take a look at this character . Instead, we saw a series of unexpected combinations, such as Chozen and Johnny, as well as another fight between Miguel and Robby.

The fifth season of cobra kai will premiere in Netflix on September 9 . On related topics, here you can see the new images of the series. Similarly, this is the previous trailer of the show.

Editor’s note:

Although it seems that the new season of cobra kai will continue to be as fun as the past, there is also a feeling of exaggeration, where the beauty of the first season has been set aside, and it has been chosen to lead to an extreme level, and Something ridiculous, the concept of cobra kai.

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