How to go through the triumph Faver Dream Triumph in Destiny 2

How to go through the triumph Faver Dream Triumph in Destiny 2

Guardians who want to complete the ghost seal season and earn a reaper title should do a certain job. One specific triumph, the return of the shadow, is a series of other triumphs collected in the pyramid. Fever Dream is one of the necessary triumphs. This is how to do it.

Guide to Destiny 2 Fever Dream Triumph

To complete the Fever Dream Triumph triumph, the guards must defeat each of the powerful nightmares in ghostly alcoves on an abandoned Leviathan. Fever Dream is actually a collection of four triumphs that need to be passed.


  • Spirist of animals
  • The nightmare is destroyed
  • Drainage
  • Ritual under the shadow

Spirist of animals

On an abandoned leviafan, clean up the ghosts with ghosts, guarded by vacationing hounds. In particular, the guards are looking for a nightmare of Karun, the lord of animals. They are located in gardens. Go to the hole under the large statue of Kalus and find the message. Distant snoring of sleeping combat animals…

Nightmare is destroyed

On an abandoned leviathan, clean up a ghost niche opposite Kalus. In fact, there are two enemies who need to win to go through this triumph: nightmares Kra’lok, sword, and h’lok, shield. They are located in gardens in a tiny niche on the opposite end of the statue of Kalus. Find the message Collision of the sword and shield…


On an abandoned leviathan, clean the ghost niche connected to an old, unused passage. The guards should act carefully while they are looking for a nightmare cripple, a sniper. They are located in royal pools. Go to the lane on the right side of the royal pools. Go through the second door on the right and jump into the hole at the far end of the room. Clean the enemies and look for a message Red laser point passes over your ghost…

Ritual under the shadow

On the abandoned Leviathan, clean the passage into a ghost niche containing a ritual of nightmares. Having put an end to the Sayiad Nightmare, the endless will complete this triumph. They are located in royal pools. Go straight, go left and enter the small door on the right. Clean the emerging advertisement and complete the three call rituals. Find the message Dark ether thickens in the air…

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