Expected creepy rogue -like cult gurus action CULT OF THE LAMB Released in Japanese! Long -term support including new elements

Devolver Digital has released a launch trailer, launching the action adventure Cult of the Lamb developed by Massive Monster.

This game is a single-played work that includes a rogging element that operates the character from a viewpoint.

Let’s increase the number of believers as the guru of the cult cult and expand the doctrine!

The player adventures an automatically generated heres in real-time combat action as a lamb of a cult guru who was saved by death and possessed by evil spirits. While gathering believers who draw the power of the crown, building buildings at their hometown, growing crops, approaching the secrets of many mysterious areas where old religions are lurking.

Let’s draw viewers into the cult! Compatible with Twitch Integration

This work supports the Twitch Integration, which is linked to the video distribution site Twitch. It is possible for the gameplay distributor of this work to recruit participation from the distribution viewers when they welcome believers to the cult.

After the release, long-term support including NEW GAME+ element is scheduled

As of the beginning of this work, even after the story is completed to the end, it is possible to continue the cult activities such as infinite re-play of the dungeon .

In Japan, more elements such as NEW GAME+, which are strong and new games, are currently being discussed by developers, and it is expected that it will appear in a few months after the release. Developers have been told in the overseas bulletin board Reddit that they will support the work as long as possible.

CULT OF THE LAMB, which is expected to be the new element after the release, is compatible with Japanese and PC (Steam/ PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch (Article At the time of writing, it is distributed for $ 2,530 to 2,900 yen/24.99 in the store via the actual machine). The reviews of overseas media, which are highly evaluated, are being introduced in this article.

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