Ezra Miller gets paranoid and compares it to the leader of a sect

Ezra Miller gets paranoid and compares it to the leader of a sect

It is not at all new that Ezra Miller has become a controversial figure, since a few months ago it was blamed for certain crimes that were carried out in Hawaii. On his part, he was followed by reports that he keeps many weapons in his private ranch, where there are children who could follow the influences of the eccentric character.

According to a new report, Miller believes that he is being followed by the FBI and the Ku Klux Klan , the first because several parents and young people have accused the actor of manipulating minors constantly, and the second because Miller published a video earlier this year demanding that the members of this sect begin to kill each other. Reason why he now wears antibala vest and weapons anywhere.


Tokata Iron Eyes, An 18-year-old who was traveling with Miller whose parents requested a restriction order against the star, described the bulletproof vest as a fashion security measure in response to real attacks and death threats received.

To that is added that Miller gave group meditations and claimed to possess supernatural powers, as if he were flash in real life. He also paid the food, accommodation and marijuana of his followers, and once he gave a musician the equivalent of $ 1,500 for his birthday.

Ezra was super manipulator. They had us all under his finger. They could twist and pull everything I thought I knew about the world. This confirmed one of the victims. When reading about leaders who promised spiritual or material wealth at the same time that they separated people from the family, she realized that it was exactly the same as her follower was doing with Ezra . This led to confusion with a sect.

Perhaps all these events are generating the possible cancellation of the next movie The Flash . If you want to know the story, we leave you the link.

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