Tips and recommendations for the simulator Powerwash

Tips and recommendations for the simulator Powerwash

Powerwash Simulator is a game that is not like any other. This can take some time, since the mechanics are briefly represented at the beginning, and then never again. Fortunately, we have some tips and techniques that can greatly make life easier in Powerwash Simulator.

Guide for Beginners Powerwash Simulator

Use mud indicator

The pollution indicator is your best friend and number one tool, not counting the sprayer. Although everything is usually covered with a thick layer of dirt, after it is removed and a small percentage of dirt remains, it can be difficult to find. The pollution indicator will show even the smallest particles of dirt that have yet to be removed. By default, it is tied to Tab (PC) and on the right on the cross (console).

Use the tablet to find the remaining dirt

In addition to the pollution indicator, players can use a tablet to find certain details that still need to be cleaned. This is useful for those of us who do not have extensive knowledge about parts of ships and aircraft. The choice of description on the tablet will actually highlight the part in real time and simplify its search.

Bring a friend with you

Some levels in Powerwash Simulator, especially at the later stages of career mode, are simply huge. The career mode allows two players to clean together. Unfortunately, there is no reliable player selection system. Players will need to use platforms such as Subreddit, Xbox LFG and official Discord to find players.

Use cleaning liquids

Some levels will have predominant material. Stand yourself with the appropriate cleaning tool to quickly cope with dirt on these surfaces before returning to your reliable 15-degree nozzle to finish the rest. At a price of $ 10, there is no reason not to use them.

invest in updates as quickly as possible


As the career mode switches to later stages, the dirt becomes thicker and it is more difficult to remove it. We strongly recommend investing in modernized high-pressure washing machines and their nozzles as soon as possible so that the cleaning passes faster. Failure to fulfill this requirement will lead to a loss of a large amount of time.

To learn more about Powerwash Simulator, read the article all cleaning liquids in Powerwash Simulator (and why they are suitable) in games for professionals.

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