All cleaning liquids in Powerwash Simulator (and why they are needed)

All cleaning liquids in Powerwash Simulator (and why they are needed)

As a fan of the sink at Powerwash Simulator, you load your sprayer and shake dirt from all over the lawn mowers to equipment for playgrounds. But sometimes water is not enough. In cases where there is too much dirt, use one of six different cleaning liquids to make certain materials impeccable.

List of all cleaning liquids in Powerwash Simulator

Cleaner available for use:

Wiper *: For use on windows and other glass materials
Metal cleaner *: best for metal frames and carousel equipment.

Plastic cleaner *: ideal for gaming equipment and materials that are too soft for cleaning metal or stone.
Cleaner of stone : For those complex cobblestones and floor coverings that are simply impossible to clean
A multi-purpose cleaner : If you need a cleaning product for various materials or you are not sure what kind of cleaning tool to use, a universal cleaning product is the best choice.

* Wood cleaner : Safe for the mechanical washing of wooden materials.

To use one of these cleaning products, you first need to buy a soap nozzle regardless of what washing machine you use before you get the cleaner you need. Initiations and cleaners can be found as in Equipment as well as cleaning liquids tabs are found in the store. Press e to attach a soap nozzle, and you clean the liquid. Each type of cleaning liquid costs $ 10 per 1 liter.

To learn more about Powerwash Simulator in games for professionals, read the section where the mysterious hatch is in Powerwash Simulator.

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