The best assembly of Genshin Impact Fischl, teams and much more!

The best assembly of Genshin Impact Fischl, teams and much more!

Fishl rises along the career ladder and is now one of the most popular characters in Genshin Impact. Vladyka Immernytreikh is a long-range electric soldier with one of the highest damage potentials in the game. She is a 4-star character, which is now available only through a desire system. Nevertheless, there is a chance that it will become part of the event in the next patch where players will be able to get it for free. Here is a brief guide on how to effectively use FISCHL on the battlefield.

Fishle gameplay

Fishl is a universal character that is very convenient for beginners in Genshin Impact. It can be used as applies to the main damage, but also works great as support. With the right construction, its damage can become crazy, but basically it is damage for one goal. The Fishl flourishes against the main bosses, where the damage is not required by area.

Fishl skills, explanation

Ordinary attack: * shoots 5 arrows in a row. Damage increases with each connected arrow.
charged attack : shoots precisely aimed by an arrow with increased damage. Holding the target charges her attack, and when it is completely charged, it causes significant damage.
Elementary skill: Fishl calls the night crown, which during the descent inflicts a slight damage to the electrical in the region. The raven, whose name is Oz, will continue to attack enemies next to him for a short period of time.
* Elemental explosion: Fishl turns into an OZA, gaining temporary flight and a significant increase in speed. She inflicts damage to the electr to any enemy who comes into contact with her. Each enemy can be hit only once, while he is in the form of Lake Country.

Advantages of the constellation Fishl

Although the Fischl Constellation unlocking can be of great importance, this is not necessary. She works fine, and she is not deceived, and this is one of the main reasons why she is very friendly to F2P. Here is the constellation Fishl.

The first double look of the depth: * Oz launches a joint attack when the Fishl attacks.
The second deceit-proverb of all sins: The skill of the elements of the Fishla is 200% more damage, and the area of action increases by 50%.
Third Dupe-Wings of Nightmare: increases its level of elements at 3 levels (reaches 15 levels).
Fourth deceit-her pilgrimage to bleak *: being in the form of an explosion of the elements, Fishl inflicts an additional 222% of damage from electric current to the surrounding enemies. When the Elemental Burst ends, it restores 20% of its HP.
The fifth deception is against elusive light: increases its level elemental explosion at 3 levels (reaches 15 levels).
The sixth deception is destroyed by your sinful curse: Oz remains on the battlefield for another 2 seconds. Oz also inflicts 30% of the total damage to Fishla, when he is next to another character.

The best assembly for fischl-sets of weapons and artifacts

SkyWard Harp is one of the best weapons for Phiclane. It increases the critical damage from the fishla attack by 20% and has a 60% chance to inflict damage by area, which inflicts 125% of physical damage. However, this liability can only work every 4 seconds. AMO onions is another option that works great with the phishle. Increases damage from a regular attack and aimed shot by 12%. It also increases damage depending on how far you are from the goal.


BloodStained Chivalry is great for phrases, as it increases physical damage by 25%. If the Fishl manages to defeat the enemy, the artifact also increases its damage from a charged attack by 50% and reduces endurance costs to 0 by 12 seconds. You can also combine half a martial arts set with a BloodStained Chivalry set for deadly damage. Keep in mind that this path is aimed at Fishl as the main jacket of damage. Depending on the requirements, you can exchange some damage for more support in the support style. You can choose a player set, which increases spontaneous damage by 20%, or a scientist set, which increases energy reloading by 20%.

Fishl requirements for ascension

Climbing Fishl is very important, as this significantly increases its total damage and potential. Here are the materials necessary for all the stages of ascension of the Fishl.

Ascension Level 1 (maximum level 20): * Silver amethyst Vajrad X1 + Grass for a small lamp x3 + solid tip of the arrow X3
Ascension level 2 (maximum level 40): Fragment of amethyst vajrad X3 + prism of lightning x2 + grass for a small lamp x10 + solid tip of the arrow X15
Ascension Level 3 (maximum level 50): Fragment of amethyst vajrad X6 + Prism of lightning x4 + grass for a small lamp x20 + acute tip of the arrow X12
Ascension level 4 (maximum level 60): * A piece of amethyst vajrad X3 + prism of lightning x8 + grass for a small lamp x30 + acute ending of the arrow X18
Ascension level 5 (maximum level 70): A piece of amethyst vajrad X6 + prism of lightning x12 + grass for a small lamp X45 + Historical overhead costs X16
Ascension level 6 (maximum level 80): gem of vajrad Amethyst X6 + Prism by lightning x20 + grass for a small lamp X60 + Historical overhead costs X24

Best Fishly

The electric element, combined with any other element, inflicts one of the highest damage in the game. This makes Filaf very flexible, and it can be combined with most characters.

Cryogenic elements are one of the best pairs for FISCHL. The combination of two elements creates the effect of superconductivity, which reduces the physical resistance of the target by as much as 50%. Both Kaea and Jungyun are ideal for this role, but Jongun is somewhat better, as he inflicts ao-okon. You can also choose Qitsi, as it will ensure constant healing along with the element of Tsiro. However, Tsitsi is a 5-star character that is not available to every1. In this case, players can connect a barbaru with a fishle, which is a character F2P. It uses a hydraulic engine that activates the electric loader (additional electrical circulation) in combination with the Fishlash element. The last slot may depend on the situation, and players can choose someone like sucrose, which ensures the control of the crowd, or Diluka, which can act as the main causing damage.

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