Mirai Asakuras Ryu Ga -no -ya 8 will be decided -anxious information and the first event video …! ?

Fighter Mirai Asakura posted a video entitled The ridiculous thing has been decided on his YouTube channel, and to Ryujiga Like 8 (tentative name) . It was reported that the appearance was decided.

The Ryujaga-like series, which has been popular in searching for a solid scenario that depicts the world of the polar road, a map full of play spots and sub-stories, and has been numbered. In the seventh work, the latest work in this series, which was replaced by the protagonist, was revealed that Dragon Like 8 (tentative name) was drawn after Kasuga’s first.

In the released video, Mr. Asakura meets Segasamy Holdings, CEO Haruki Satomi. Among them, Mr. Asakura has been asked to appear in Dragon Like 8 (tentative name) under development and accepts it. It is said that this is the first offer, and that a new city will appear in the new work.

There is also a guide scene of the production studio by Masayoshi Yokoyama, the leader of the studio / production, as well as the Ryujaga. The event video that is the first one is reflected on the work during the work, and you can also see the face capture.

Dragon Like 8 (tentative name) is under development. Detailed information is unknown at the time of writing.

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