Rocher castle guide to Two Point Hospital hospital

Rocher castle guide to Two Point Hospital hospital

3rd hospital in the world of 6 Two Point hospitals-Rocher Castle. The user must reach the level of 1 star so that Swelbard can access him. The invasion of the ghosts caused a new disaster.

Thus, goals now rotate around the capture of ghosts and increasing the value of the hospital. The Mishmash monster, a completely new clinic of the disease, debuts in a single copy, including the resuscitation ward where it can be cured. The plots allocated for this hospital vary from 2 to 19.

This leadership will lead you through everything related to the castle of the Rocment in the Tu-Point Hospher, including the best layout and star targets for the Rocmentary Casl Hospital. This leadership also tells how to manage the moral spirit of the staff, and the tips for training the Rocher Castric Castle.

The best layout of the Two Point Hospital for the Rocher Castle

The largest scene in the video game is the Rocher Castle. You do not need to unlock the entire hospital building, only a significant piece to finish it. Your monthly utility costs directly depend on the purchase of such large real estate objects.

Therefore, even if huge areas seem very attractive, at this stage, use the smaller objects as much as possible. Remember that you should not hire more than 5 assistants for other huge levels. In addition, make sure that they have undergone proper training in customer service skills. The only category of employees that I would advise to invest in quality training, and not cut off the corners are assistants.

General breakdown of the best plan of the Rocment Castle is given below:

  • Start with a large reception in the center with rooms of general practitioners, bathrooms and amenities. As you pass the level, move the reception to the site of a larger size to facilitate the constantly growing number of patients.
  • One or more therapeutic wings for the placement of therapeutic rooms, toilets and housing for staff in the rear of the hospital.
  • Educational and commercial zone with toilets for staff.
  • Therapeutic centers near the helicopter site
  • The administrative building in the upper right half with several more rooms scattered around the hospital as necessary. You can use PLOT 16 for this.
  • Diagnostic wing or wing (wing) next to the reception with diagnostic rooms, doctors, recreation areas and staff rooms.
  • Decorate your corridors with plants and decorative elements and install vehicles.

Star Objects of the Rocher Castle

Star targets for the castle of the Rocment in the Two Point hospital:

1-star hospital

Star targets for a 1-star hospital:

  • Cure 150 patients
  • Catch 180 ghosts
  • The cost of the hospital is 1,500,000 US dollars
  • 70% Hospital attractiveness

You will receive $ 10,000 and 100 kudosh, as well as unlock the Monster Mishmash poster and a luxurious chair.

2-star hospital

Star targets for a 2-star hospital:

  • Cure 300 patients
  • Catch 300 ghosts
  • Hospital cost 3,000,000 US dollars
  • Cure 25 patients using Monster Mishmash

You will receive $ 20,000 and 150 kudosh and unlock a luxurious sofa.

3-star hospital

Star targets for a 3-star hospital:

  • Cure 600 patients
  • 90% morale personnel spirit
  • Hospital cost 5,000,000 US dollars
  • 90% cure speed

You will receive $ 30,000 and 200 Kudosh and unlock Ooze Tank.

Tips for Training of RockFor Castle Personnel

We have compiled a list of personnel training tips for the Two Point Hospital Roqueed Castle Hospital:

  • Training is used to increase labor productivity and maintain the normal functioning of hospitals. Training allows you to perform new actions for all personnel and expands the possibilities of diagnosis and treatment.
  • Each employee has an indicator of abilities that indicates his qualifications in his field of activity. The number of stars next to their name denotes this ability. The ability is evaluated on a scale from 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest assessment.
  • Your staff gains experience by completing tasks. This can be shown as a dark ring surrounding their next star of abilities. The number of experience points that the staff has can be seen by pointing the cursor on one of the stars of his abilities.
  • Your employees gain valuable experience during work. You must have experience to get an increase. As the service progresses, employees need more experience to switch to the next level. When you check the staff and point the cursor on the blue star of abilities next to his name, you can see how much experience he has at the current level.
  • To start training, touch the department or place the corresponding employee in the room. After they are ready, employees will also ask for training.
  • Select a certificate that you want employees to receive on the training screen, select an instructor and choose a person you want to enroll in this program. Click Start when you are ready.
  • When employees begin their training, they will stop working. If the entire cleaner focuses on acquiring new abilities, your hospital may begin to fall apart in the trash.
  • Staff training is voluntary and can be postponed. Until you receive a license to study at 3, flottering, training will be inaccessible. But when activating, it becomes retroactively available for Lower Bullocks and Hogsport.
  • You will need a full-time employee with an experience that you would like to train, or an invited instructor, and then a student who meets the criteria for the ability or certificate that you want to receive.
  • For abilities that have not yet been purchased, you can also hire a training consultant whose accurate fee will vary depending on the level of certification and the number of students who will train at a constant speed of 160 percent.
  • Select the first if you are offered to create 2 small training rooms, and not one big. You should not train more than 4 people in the room at the same time, given how the system works.
  • Due to the hostile moans of the ghosts that haunt the hospital, you will need to hire a bunch of wipers. They will deal with other routine affairs without looking for ghosts. On the positive side, you will not have to hire experienced cleaners. Any variation of the skill is good if it can capture ghosts.
  • Hire at least one cleaner qualified in mechanics and responsible for the modernization of your equipment. Another option is to hire one cleaner who specializes in maintenance, and let this person repair equipment alone or with a small team.
  • At first, many doctors will not be required. Use nurses instead of them. Over time, let 1 or 2 of your doctor become specialists in mega scanning.
  • Most of the gameplay in this hospital could only be by one assistant. Later, at the level, you can gain new people if you have too many sites.


Castle Rocher: How to Manage the Moral Spirit of the Personnel

To control the personnel’s military spirit, spend extra time to catch up to the level of prestige 4, including many plants, to achieve a high morale of staff. Your environment will much more affect the fighting spirit of the team at this level. Frequent watering of plants also raises the morale of the staff.

Make sure that the wages of each employee are higher than average. Go all over the list and let everyone have a poor relationship. If you do not promote or train your staff, this will negatively affect his attitude.

Fill it for all groups of employees. Do not forget to spend more on your rooms. You get more privileges only when you have a beautifully designed room.

To increase comfort and aesthetics, place the plant and radiator in each room, as well as on the walls of the corridors.

This will cheer up your employees. Place several toilets and vending machines throughout the hospital. Find employees with positive qualities that facilitate joy, and filter those who have poor qualities.

Passing the Rocher Castle

The layout of a huge hospital in the castle of Rocher makes it extremely complicated for growth. You do not need to purchase each site and turn it into a large hospital to get three stars.

Since the place will be free, start by the construction of all diagnostic rooms on the left side together with the pharmacy. We can move the pharmacy to another place later.

Build the training room and immediately start training if there is no cleaner who caught the ghost at hand. You can take the wipers and put them next to the ghosts to speed up the procedure and prevent the spirits from disturbing your patients.

In the end, you will need an additional janitor due to how the ghosts can appear often. It does not matter if there is no Ghost Capture in it. At least the new janitor must be able to help with the remaining responsibilities.

In this hospital, do not be afraid to take a loan, because it is easy to start making a profit if you have enough premises and qualified employees.

Beware of possible doctors who do not have enough experience in treatment. One is necessary for the resuscitation chamber. Monster Mishmash disease is problematic and often ineffective.

build additional rooms

At the beginning of the level, the main problem will be expansion. Long lines will form outside the halls, limiting the work as a whole. As soon as you notice warnings about long lines, ahead of this and build additional rooms.

Take the employees to receive the equivalent of three certificates, hire one or two consultants to the team for their training and save 5th place in emotional stability. However, as soon as employees reach the level of a consultant, let them leave and hire a new, less expensive employee in their place.

You will not have problems with this in the long run, because they will quickly gain experience thanks to the experience and number of patients they accept.

The Rocher Castle will encounter various types of diseases and diseases, and for the treatment of different types of diseases, different rooms may be required.

The anatomy of passion requires a room of chromotherapy. You will need a resuscitation for the treatment of Monster Mishmash.

DNA laboratory is necessary for the treatment of Tartan Telomeres, Evergreen and Half Pipe. The injection room is required for thin-skinned, curled blood, roundabers and pudding blood.

An animal magnetism requires the fight against pests; And to cure the pandemic, you will need the Pans laboratory. Sweet Teeeth, Basic, Skull Chatney, Cold SHOULDER, PHARMACY, BARKING MAD and DOGOUSE are required.

You will need a psychiatric chamber to cure paranoia, bardical flu, knightly nightmares, swollen horror and the complex of the emperor. To cure Goobris, Blaggis, DispLaced Glands and Cheese Bored, you will need an operating room.

Tongue Splinters, Anomalites, Sore Judgement and Aurora Snorealis requires Ward. Mechanical metropolis and reptilian metropolis require you to have urban mythology.

For non-articular hips, a elbow of a threat, an inverted 1080 and a dead hand requires a fracture protection. The De-Lux clinic is required for dizziness and dizziness, and a clinic of a clown is required for a comic infection.

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