Steams very popular high -pressure cleaning sim Powerwash Simulator official release. Added content in the new Apde

Square Enix and developer Futurlab have officially released Powerwash Simulator on July 15 for Steam. At the same time, sales were also started for Windows 10 (Microsoft Store) and Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. The price is 2970 yen, which also supports PC/Xbox Game Pass.

Powerwash Simulator is a high-pressure cleaning simulation from the first person perspective. The player becomes a cleaning company and makes a variety of cleaning requests. Washing targets vary from vehicles such as motorcycles and cars to buildings such as parks and mansions. As a game play, just put water in the dirt with a high-pressure washer. In order to answer customer requests, the wide walls and corners of the tiles are carefully washed so that they do not leave one stain.

As a game play, this is a plain and simple work, but also has a grabbing the heart of the player. For example, dirt is also personality, and changes such as dirt in the corner is stubborn and spray graffiti is difficult to fall. In addition, the watering can be changed by changing the water discharge nozzle. It is possible to remove light dirt widely with a wide range of water discharge, and to strongly remove stubborn dirt with a central nozzle. Washing requires some strategic nature. In addition, the details such as the water sound changes according to the material and the wet surface changes color and dries over time also shines. It is a work that ends the pleasure of high-pressure washing. In addition, this work is also compatible with multiplayer with up to six players, and can be immersed in cleaning work with friends.

Powerwash Simulator launched early access on Steam in May 2021. After about one year, it was officially released. In addition, this work was very popular during the early access distribution period. As of today, when it was officially released, the number of Steam user reviews received was about 20,000. Of these, 97 % have a popular overwhelmingly popular status. The quality of the discerning cleaning experience is endorsed by users.

A new update that will be version 1.0 is also distributed in conjunction with this official release. As additional content, four new cleaning requests are added. In addition to a new type of water discharge nozzle, two types of challenge mode cleaning, three types of skins, and game play achievements are implemented. As for the correction / coordination point, it seems that multiplayer problems and fonts and texts in Japanese display are updated. See the official patch notebook for further details.

Powerwash Simulator is on sale for PC (Steam/Microsoft Store) and Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S, and the price is 2970 yen. It also supports PC/Xbox Game Pass.

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