Powerwash simulator: tips & tricks for your high -pressure cleaner

Powerwash simulator: tips & tricks for your high -pressure cleaner

In our tips guide to the Powerwash Simulator

  • How you don’t overlook dirt
  • How your money saves
  • What you should pay attention to when cleaning

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uses the right nozzle

In the PowerWash simulator you have the selection between several different nozzles for your high-pressure cleaner . The basic rule is: the wider the nozzle, the weaker the beam.

In the beginning you have four different nozzles ** to choose from:

0-degree nozzle *: Although only a tiny point, but has the strongest radiance and is perfect for cleaning even the smallest corners.
15-degree nozzle : The second largest nozzle is also very suitable for small areas.
25-degree nozzle : The 25-degree nozzle offers the perfect balance of radiance and size.
* 40-degree nozzle : It is best to always start with this nozzle. Although it is not particularly strong, it covers a large area and ensures the first basic cleaning.


TIP : You turn your nozzle by antipiting. So you can switch completely relaxed between scales and vertically oriented nozzles.

you don’t overlook a dirt & creates 100 percent cleanliness

You are 99 percent cleanliness ** and don’t know where the rest of the dirt is hiding? Powerwash Simulator offers two features that help you find the smallest dirt.

You can lift the remaining dirt at the push of a button (digipad)-dirty spots in the game world then light up yellow.

If you clean a larger area, it is best to take a look at your tablet and switch to the Details tab. There the game tells you exactly which objects you have already cleaned 100 percent in the level and which still need some care.

Which cleaning fluid is the right one?

Later in the game you unlock various soap types with which you can fill your high-pressure cleaner. In order to find out the correct cleaning liquid for a dirty object, the cleaner is aimed at it-the right soap is displayed under the level in the upper screen corner. For the roof of the dog house in the screenshot you need, for example, universal cleaning fluid .

How to save your money in the Powerwash Simulator

Cleaning fluid is consumed relatively quickly and the filling of the high-pressure cleaner with fresh soap costs some money every time. With the help of soap, cleaning is a little better and faster, but it is not really necessary in the first levels.

It is therefore best to do without cleaning fluids and prefer to use a slightly smaller nozzle for more plaster power. You will later invest the saved money in a better high-pressure cleaner like the Urban X U2 or Prime Vista 3000 .

This is how your money earns

Unfortunately there is no way to quickly farm money in the Powerwash simulator. Each level in career mode rewards you with a certain amount of money that is divided into the individual objects of the level.

So just play one level after the other and follow saving our tips for saving money in order to be able to afford a better high-pressure cleaner as soon as possible.

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bonus tips for the Powerwash simulator

In career mode you have no time pressure-take as much time for the level as you want.
* You can lie down in the game (R3) to remove the dirt even under larger objects.
With the target mode (Digipad up) you can freely align your high-pressure cleaner without moving yourself from the spot.
* On yellow backgrounds, the dirt display function is often not very helpful, since the dirt is also highlighted yellow-it is best to spray over it again if you are not sure whether the object is already very clean.

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