What does the Red Sea mean in Sea of Thieves?

What does the Red Sea mean in Sea of Thieves?

The mysterious Red Sea, more formally known as the Devil’s Shroud, is an ominous border full of blood-red water. Take care of your ship’s well being while in this danger zone, as it won’t survive without a Shroudbreaker in your inventory.

What does the Red Sea mean in Sea of Thieves?

The Red Sea is an amorphous area in Sea of Thieves. This is to notify you that you are out of the play area of the game. Although most of the community refers to this part of the game as the Red Sea, it is more formally known as the Devil’s Shroud. When the sea water turns red and the sky darkens, you leave the playing area of the game.

The only exception to Red Sea/Devil’s Shroud travel is when the player attempts to reach the Gold Coast. Travel through the Devil’s Shroud and deliver your ship to the Goldshores, you need to purchase the Shroudbreaker quest item.

Will the Devil’s Shroud damage your ship in Sea of Thieves?

If you are in the area of the Red Sea or the Shroud of the Devil while playing Sea of Thieves, your ship will not be safe. Within seconds or minutes, your ship will begin to break down. The only way to prevent your ship from being destroyed in The Devil’s Shroud is to carry the Shroudbreaker item with you while sailing. When you finally get the Shroudbreaker, you will be able to see it installed on the front of your team’s ship.


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