Which Roblox game should you play based on your zodiac sign?

Which Roblox game should you play based on your zodiac sign?

Want to know which Roblox experience is best for your zodiac sign? Then you’re in luck! Check out our detailed guide below, which lists all 12 zodiac signs and juxtaposes them with not one, but two Roblox experiences that we think are perfect for them. After reading our guide, let us know your zodiac sign and if you agree with our choice in the comments below!

Zodiac signs

If you don’t know what zodiac sign you are, compare your date of birth with the list below.

  • Aquarius
    • January 20-February 18
  • Fish
    • February 19-March 20
  • Aries
    • March 21-April 19
  • Taurus
    • April 20-May 20
  • Twins
    • 21 May – 20 June
  • Crayfish
    • June 21-July 22
  • Leo
    • July 23-August 22
  • Virgo
    • August 23-September 22
  • Scales
    • September 23-October 22
  • Scorpion
    • October 23-November 21
  • Sagittarius
    • November 22-December 21
  • Capricorn
    • December 22-January 19

Roblox games for every zodiac

Aquarius-Sindo Life

Aquarians are philosophers-thinkers, but at the same time they act in practice; they rarely take emotions into account when making decisions, and often ignore them altogether. For this reason, we have combined Aquarius with the Shindo Life experience. The word Shindo comes from a prehistoric Korean religion. Korean shamanism, or 무당巫堂, and emphasizes the importance this religion places on ancestor worship and trust in otherworldly beings and spirits. However, despite this intrigue in what lies beyond the horizon, people of this religion still work hard on their own and attach great importance to progress, like the inquisitive Aquarius. In Shindo Life, players can create their own stories as they train against the spirits, explore the vast expanse, and awaken their true potential.

Pisces-World // Zero

While they may not admit it, Pisces is actually the most emotional of all the zodiac signs (sorry for the Cancer downfall!). Pisces feel deeply and, despite the fact that they do not know how to express it, they value emotional connections above all else. They like to escape from reality from time to time and allow themselves a breath of fresh air. Because of this, we have matched Pisces with Roblox RPG World // Zero. This experience incorporates magic, mystical creatures and other fantasy elements with action-packed combat to create an impressively deep and detailed experience for all players. With tons of unique weapons, adorable pets, and customizable outfits, Pisces has plenty of ways to let your imagination run wild. Join friends or chill out alone as you dungeon-crawl, defeat enemies, and discover all the exciting world of World // Zero has to offer.


As an Aries, you need a competitive and dynamic experience that can keep up with your go, go, go personality, and luckily Arsenal is an experience! Often referred to as the Call of Duty of Roblox, the Arsenal features an extensive library of weapons, melee weapons, skins, and other in-game features that players can equip to cause tons of Aries-typical mayhem. Run across a variety of maps, use a variety of unique taunts to interact with teammates, enemies and friends, participate in multiple game modes, cooperate with teammates, eliminate enemies and ultimately work towards goals and accomplish as much as possible kills.. Take charge and dominate the battlefield in the way of Aries!

Taurus-work in a pizzeria

You value routine, control, and the simpler, quieter things in life, so working at a pizzeria is the perfect experience for a laid-back and patient Taurus like you! Join and leave the experience whenever you want, choose your preferred job (whether cashier, pizza maker, pizza boxer or delivery driver), work your shift, go home, repeat-you couldn’t dream of a more controlled, independent and relaxed daily routine for you and your Robloxian. At the end of the day, collect your money and use it to create your dream home, decked out in every luxury your Taurus heart could desire.

Gemini-Find markers

Geminis are known as inquisitors: they are always eager to learn something new, take on a challenge, meet new people and explore the world around them. In Find the Markers, players can do all this and more! Use your insatiable curiosity and spontaneity by finding and collecting hundreds of markers, solving puzzles, performing obbies, finding hidden locations and talking to people around you. Once you’ve found all the markers yourself, you can use your Gemini Friendliness to contact and help other players who might need some extra guidance! This is the perfect experience for hyperactive Gemini who are looking for a long lasting and fun experience that will help them focus and relax.

Cancer-Accept me!

It’s no secret that Cancerians are more lovers than fighters, and that they value stability, their own emotions, and those of those around them (which makes them great friends, family members, and confidants), so what could be better for them than the game? relationship-oriented Adopt Me!. As the name suggests, Adopt Me! players can adopt hundreds of adorable pets and help raise them, adopt other players as parents or older siblings, or even become adopted themselves and find their forever home. Whether you want to create your own home and raise the biggest family on the block or start a new life and be part of an existing one, adopt me! this is the perfect experience for Cancers who want to spread love, follow a routine, and create bonds with the cutest four-legged friends.

Leo is a famous fashionista

Leos are often seen as the most boastful, attention-seeking, and sassy signs of the zodiac, but in reality, they simply appreciate hard work, take pride in achieving their goals, and love to cheer up those around them by encouraging them to try their best. and brag about your accomplishments. Leos like to be in control and come out on top, which makes Fashion Famous their perfect experience. In this experience, players are assigned a category and then given deadlines to create an outfit that matches that category. Once the timer runs out, players must take part in a fashion show where everyone in the lobby votes on which outfit they think is best for that category. This experience can be a fun way to showcase your skills, make a splash with your friends, and maybe take home the Fashion Famous crown!

Virgo-survive the killer

As a Virgo, you live for a good mess that needs to be cleaned up or a difficult puzzle just waiting to be solved. You are a well-known busy person, think logically and work in a team, so Survive the Killer will be the perfect match for you. Whether you’re taking on the role of strategically eliminating players as an assassin or silently helping those around you escape safely as a survivor, you’re sure to put your knowledge-filled brain to good use. Both in real life and in this experience, your quick wits and Virgo-esque problem-solving skills are a blessing to your teammates when you’re on their side, and a curse when you’re working against them!

Libra-epic mini-games

Libra likes when everything is balanced; they rarely leave their comfort zone and feel most content when everyone is on the same page and getting along with each other. For this reason, and because we love to encourage users to play outside the box, we’ve chosen Epic Minigames as the perfect match for Libra. Not only is this experience a lot of fun, but it also prioritizes independence and encourages Libra to think for themselves in a safe and inspiring environment. To succeed in Epic Minigames, players must compete in a variety of unique minigames and ultimately strive to be the highest scoring player. The servers for this experience are quite large, so Libras don’t have to worry about being alone, and they can easily use their charismatic and empathetic personalities to make friends with those around them.

Scorpio-survive the killer

Although the connotation is usually negative, it is true that Scorpios are the puppeteers of the zodiac signs. Because Scorpios build so many invisible walls around their emotions, they can get others to trust them and believe that everything they say is sincere, even if it isn’t. This trait can then become exceptionally valuable in detective situations such as Murder Mystery 2, where players must work together to figure out who is the undercover killer and who is innocent. In such situations, Scorpios are able to manipulate others into either confessing to their crimes or believing in Scorpio’s false innocence-a trait much more valuable than many might realize!


Known as party people, Sagittarians are always ready to laugh and try new things; they feed on human interaction and are rarely left al1. In video games, Sagittarians value the opportunity to meet new people, both real and non-gaming, explore the world around them, and take on different endeavors, which makes Brookhaven the perfect match for Roblox. In Brookhaven, Sagittarians can adopt children, enroll and experiment with a variety of full-time or part-time jobs, go to school, own houses and cars they can share with friends, rob banks, and more. For the sponge sign, Brookhaven is the perfect place to enjoy new experiences!

Capricorn-Theme Park Tycoon 2

For Capricorn, little is more important than organization, and nothing is more important than perfection. You like to see both the beginning and the end of any project you start, and you will often work all the way to get it d1. Because of this perfectionist and often workaholic, we decided that Theme Park Tycoon 2 would be perfect for you. Because of your meticulous and pragmatic nature, you sometimes find it difficult to enjoy video games that do not allow you to be in control and make the decisions that you think are the most logical. In Theme Park Tycoon 2, you control everything. From the smallest design ideas to the overall aesthetic of the park, your desire is your command and no one else can tell you otherwise. We know the dream has come true! But don’t forget to relax a little while playing-remember, video games are supposed to be fun!

Honorable Mentions

This experience was our second choice for each zodiac sign-they nearly hit the mark!

  • Aquarius-Rise of Nations
  • Pisces-Creatures of Sonaria
  • Aries-Tower of Hell
  • Taurus-Welcome to Bloxburg
  • Twins-Clicker Simulator
  • Cancer-Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition
  • Leo-Good Girls Society
  • Virgo — Comrades!
  • Scales-Choose a side
  • Scorpio-Deep Sea
  • Sagittarius-Presentation Experience
  • Capricorn-My Hello Kitty Cafe


That’s it for our guide on what you should be playing on Roblox based on your zodiac sign! Let us know in the comments below if you agree with our list and/or what you would recommend for each sign!


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