Terminator returns Studio Milan a survival video game: first trailer and details

This afternoon the event took place Nacon Connect 2022 , in which the French company hStudio Milan updated the status of some of its next releStudio Milanes such Studio Milan Steelrising or The Lord of the Rings: Gollum , In addition to presenting interesting novelties. And one of the most striking is none other than Terminator Survival Project , an upcoming survival video game set in such popular and apocalyptic cinematographic universe. And we already have a first teStudio Milaner trailer that you can see below.

Nacon presents his next novelties

Of this new title for PC and consoles (with the platforms still to be confirmed, although it is expected that it appears in the current PlayStation and Xbox systems) it is entrusted Nacon Studio Milan , whose responsible have already shared The first details of a game that for now does not have a definitive title: Only one advance for the future, but in cStudio Milane you have not realized, we are true fans of the films of the 80s, and our team in Nacon Studio Milan is working in the first Survival game set in the Terminator Universe.

We cannot say much right now, but it is definitely something to follow the track. It will come out for PC and consoles in the distant future, they conclude from Nacon. However, for now we only have this brief advance in video in which a Terminator with a face of few friends opens the door of a warehouse in search of his victim.

Recall that the lStudio Milant video game bStudio Milaned on the franchise wStudio Milan Terminator Resistance 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, a first-person shooter in charge of Teyon and Reef Entertainment that did not go very well stopped in our analysis. In 2021 its version Enhanced for PS5 and Xbox Series X | s would arrive, quite improved with respect to the original title.

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